Emotional Waters

Entry for the Movellas 24 hour Poetry Competiton


1. Emotional Waters

The school bell rang, echoing loudly around the school like a cave.

She dashed out of class as fast as lightning, to hopefully avoid the bullies.

No such thing, as they're always there.

"You're so fat, ugly and weak you don't even deserve to live! You're like the piglet that didn't survive."


I did what I knew I could do, I ran. 

I ran straight into the pouring rain and started running home.

Run. Thats what I always had done. Run away from bullies, harsh words, physical violence; as if one day, after all that running, I'll finally reach a protective bubble and that'll protect me like a mother lion protects her cub.


i reached home, ran into my bathroom and sunk down against the door.

i grabbed my razor-shiny, new, never been used. As shiny as a brand new diamond,

But that was all going to change.

i swiped the new blade against my skin in quick motions. 

The pain seeped out as blood; dark, red blood. 

The tears trickled down my cheek as slow as a snail.

Thats what the pain felt-as it was going at a snails pace to get out of my life.


I got up to go to my sink to clean off the blood. 

As I looked at the running water, I thought.

Water is everywhere.


It was in the rain pouring down that represented the speed at which the pain was falling on me,

to show that I couldn't handle it.

It was in my protective bubble that represented that the pain will eventually disappear.

It was in the blood that represented pain.

It was in the tears that represented the pace at which the pain will disappear.

It was in the water to clean up the pain that seeped out of my wrist.


Water can represent so many emotions.

Tears; sadness.

Protective bubble; safety.

Running water; to clean us up.

But most of all, pain.

Water, water, everywhere.


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