Everything Will Be Fine...

Kayleigh, Zayn, and Avalon finally are settled down. Avalon just turned one starting to try and walk and talk while Kayleigh and Zayn are about to get married. Will more drama come? Will the wedding go wrong? Will Avalon's first birthday be crashed? Kayleigh worries for Avalon's safety and Zayn goes on tour soon. Will they be able to go? FIND OUT WHILE READING THE STORY!!


10. Time Alone

Time Alone

Zayn's P.O.V

I carried Kayleigh in the house laughing as I shut the door and ran up the stairs.

"Zayn where's Avalon?" Kayleigh managed to say between laughs.

"With Claire, Liam, and Julie" I said putting her down on the top of the stairs. "So we could have time alone for once"

Kayleigh laughed as I leaned down to kiss her. Kayleigh pulled away and smiled then slipped away running down the hallway turning then going up the stairs to the 3rd floor. I laughed and dashed after her "Kayleigh!" As I ran up stairs I stopped to listen.

"Zayn?" Kayleigh called me sounding confused.

"What is it babe?" I walked up to her standing in front of the 2nd doorway to the right.

"Oh I have fan letters in there. You want to read some with me?" Kayleigh nodded and we both grabbed a pile and walked to our room.

Kayleigh walked in and sat on the bed and laughed. "Sometimes I wish our room wasn't so ginormous so I don't have to walk that far to get to the bed" I laughed and sat across from her.

Kayleigh opened the first letter and read it aloud:


I hope you are able to read this. I went to your concert in Paris I sat in front row. You never looked in my section but you were all I stared at. I'm 15 my name is Alice. I hope to see you in concert again sometime!



March 6, 2012

I smiled and opened a letter from my stack:

Dear Zayn,

If you are reading this I wish I could see. You and Kayleigh are adorable together fans have started calling you two Zayleigh and Avalon is adorable is she walking yet I'm sure she is since she's 2.

True fan forever,


December 9, 2012

Kayleigh began reading another,


I well don't know if you know you have this affect on fans but you saved me. I tried to kill myself two days ago. I had a blade in my hand I cut deep in my wrist once about to do if again. When I looked up and saw your poster on the wall and a One Direction song came on the radio and I threw the blade across the room crying and cleaned myself up. I just wanted to say thank you for making me feel special and wanted in the world.

Forever a directioner,

"Wait what's the address on the envelope I have to visit that girl and thank her for not doing that and just give her a nice surprise!" I looked up and Kayleigh was crying. "Love what's wrong I know it's a sad letter but you don't have to cry"

"Zayn I wrote this letter 15 days before we met" Kayleigh hands the letter to me it had her beautiful cursive and her name. My head shot up and I pulled Kayleigh closer to me.

"Why?" I felt a year slip from my eye.

"My da- the man who adopted me" Kayleigh sat in front of me with her head down.

"Kayleigh don't let anyone make you feel like you need to hurt yourself" I lifted her head up with my middle and index finger.

"I love you" I whispered and leaned in to kiss her.

She nodded as a response and tightend her arms around my neck as she laid down. I broke the kiss for a second took my shirt off and threw it off the bed. I laughed as I noticed Kayleigh's eyes widen at me chest, stomach, and arms.

"Still not used to it after 3-4 years" I laughed as she blushed pulling me down to kiss her again. I worked her shirt off without breaking the kiss this time. She sat up and looked at me.

"Zayn are you sure you want to try for a baby now?"

"I'm ready when you are love" she nodded and and smiled pushing me down on the bed kissing my again.

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