Everything Will Be Fine...

Kayleigh, Zayn, and Avalon finally are settled down. Avalon just turned one starting to try and walk and talk while Kayleigh and Zayn are about to get married. Will more drama come? Will the wedding go wrong? Will Avalon's first birthday be crashed? Kayleigh worries for Avalon's safety and Zayn goes on tour soon. Will they be able to go? FIND OUT WHILE READING THE STORY!!


4. Living

                                                              -Cat P.O.V-

 "HARRY! Put Darcey down before you drop her" I laugh watching Harry spin in circles up the stairs. He put her down for a nap in her room up. I put on my yoga pants and his Jack Wills shirt. I continued to watch Pretty Little Liars on the couch and was soon joined by Harry

"Kitty" he whispered on top of me "I love you so much" he kissed me and using his arms like a gate not letting me through. He was so serious when he kissed me, it was so adorable but funny. I started to laugh and he started to tickle me. I fell to the floor and ran around the living room. "You realize I am going to get you right" he said before he picked me up and spun me around and kissed me on my neck.

"i love you-" Harry put me down when the door opened and a girl with long hair opened the door

"Gemma?Gemma!" he said running up to her and kissed her cheek "Cat this is my sister-"

"Gemma" she said with a very light pretty voice but her face looked all angry. I nodded and went in the kitchen. I never really met Gemma, but she doesn't look like she likes me.....at all "Mom wants you and Catherine to come over for dinner tonight" I heard bits of the conversation.

"Cat want to go?" he said joining me in the kitchen

"Sure" he ran upsairs and got Darcey and we walked to the car.

___________________________________Anne's House____________________________________

"Mrs.Styles, thank you so much for dinner" I smiled feeding Darcey

"is it true that you guys are really married" Gemma said looking over at me and rolling her eyes

"Gemma!" Harry said motioning her upstairs. I said put with Darcey and looked over at Anne silently

"Don't mind her" She said getting up. I put Darcey on my hip and cleaned up the dishes

                                                                -Harry P.O.V-

"Whats your problem Gemma?" I said pulling her aside

"I don't like her" she said all rolling her eyes and walking out of my childhood room. I pulled on her arm

"Gemma Catherine and Darcey is my life...they made me who I am so you have a choice to like us or hate us but I can assure you that if you hate us you wont hear from me."

                                                            -Cat P.O.V-

When Harry and Gemma returned, Anne and I had out Harrys baby book. "Haz you were adorable" I cooed looking at a picture of Harry on a swing.

"I was cute? oh no kitty cat I AM cute" I laughed but stopped when I looked up to see Gemma rolling her eyes in the door way.

"Harry I think you've found and married the sweetest, nicest, prettiest girl ever!" Anne smiled giving me a little side hug.

"Mom I think I know that by now" Harry wined like a little kid picking up Darcy from her lap.

"I didn't say you could take her" Anne grabbed Darcy.

"Then again she's my baby" Harry took her and threw her up in the air making me cringe.

"HARRY! one day you're going to drop her and I'll never forgive you!" I stood up taking Darcy away from a laughing Harry.

Anne laughed "I like her Harry she sets limits to you with taking care of Darcy. How old is she again?"

"1 month," I smiled looking at her.

______________________________1 hour later____________________________________

"Can I keep her?" Anne held Darcy refusing to give her back.

I laughed "I need my baby girl," as she pouted handing her to me.

"Bye mum, bye Gemma" Harry gave them hugs and a kiss.

"Bye it was so nice finally being able to meet you two" I smiled giving Anne a hug then I looked over and Gemma was gone "Tell Gemma I said bye please"

"I will," Anne nodded looking mad at Gemma as Harry got Darcy in her Carrier in the car and I buckled myself in in the passenger seat and Harry walked over to the drivers seat.

When we got home and Harry came in the room from putting Darcy to bed he ran and jumped over me landing on the other side of the bed. I had my hands covering my face when I felt him pull them away. I opened my eyes and Harry was hovering over me. I couldn't help it my eyes slowly moved to his chest then stomach. I bit my lip as I looked at his abs god how fit is he? I blushed and my eyes flew up to his face when I heard him start to chuckle.

"Have you not gotten used to it?" he whispered leaning down closer so our noses touch teasing me. I nodded biting my lip again resisting the urge to kiss him.

"Well I'm gonna go change," he smirked starting to get up. I smiled as he stood up I got up so my knees were on the bed and took his hand pulling him back towards me. He was now standing in front of me at the edge of the bed and I had my knees on the bed facing him.

"I didn't say you could go without a kiss," Harry smiled crashing his lips into mine gently laid me down on the bed getting over me. He pulled his shirt off creeping his hands under my shirt just as Darcy started crying he sighed and got up.

I laughed "I wasn't going to let you take my shirt off you know, we don't need two babies" Harry laughed and kissed me one more time before I left to go and calm Darcy down.



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