Everything Will Be Fine...

Kayleigh, Zayn, and Avalon finally are settled down. Avalon just turned one starting to try and walk and talk while Kayleigh and Zayn are about to get married. Will more drama come? Will the wedding go wrong? Will Avalon's first birthday be crashed? Kayleigh worries for Avalon's safety and Zayn goes on tour soon. Will they be able to go? FIND OUT WHILE READING THE STORY!!


8. Lets Talk


Harry's P.O.V

     I can't believe what Cara just said about Darcy I can NEVER forgive her now.

"Hey, umm can I talk with Cat alone for a few minutes?" I looked up at Kayleigh and Zayn as the got up and left the room.

"Cat, I'm sorry this happened it was the younger side of my taking over. I know I'm a father and have responsibilities and I want to owe up to them, but I can make mistakes here and there." I looked up at her twisting noodles on her fork.

"Harry, being a father is a full time job. For example it's like your singing career, would you ever let your fans down, hurt them, or anything to make them not like you anymore?"

"Of course not" I simple just answered without thought easy question.

"Yet you can still do that to your own wife and daughter that was JUST born a couple months ago, but you can't do that to MILLIONS of people you know nothing about? Harry, being a father takes A LOT  of responsibilities no mistakes can be accepted at all especially that one. If you don't want to be a father right now and you just want to be young and have fun then you can just say goodbye to me AND Darcy. I'm not letting my baby growing up with a father who wants to do as he pleases because that's not the right romodel for her right now or at anytime." Cat looked at me a could tell she was trying to be angry but her eyes were hurt so much it broke my heart.

"No, I want to be with YOU and Darcy I can show you I can do this I understand what you're saying and I WILL make up for it just please give me a chance. I can show you right now I know you want to be back with me," Cat crossed her arms

"Fine, you have 5 minutes to show me I still want you," Cat stood up from her chair with her arms crossed and I nodded getting up.

     I walked over to her and looked down at her I could feel my heart beating a million miles a minute I really hope this works. I leaned towards her giving her a small kiss. I leaned away when her hands flew to my cheeks pulling my back to her. I smiled into the kiss grabbing her waist pulling her closer to me. Her hands moved to my Hair running her fingers through it.

Cat's P.O.V

     As he leaned away I couldn't help it I pulled him back over to me running my fingers through his soft curly hair. I could feel him pulling me closer by my waist. He's right I want to be with him so badly yet I'm scared not for me but also for Darcy. I backed up as Harry pushed forward till I hit the wall. He put his hands on either side of the wall blocking my in like a cage. He pulled away checking his phone he frowned putting it back. He leaned in for one more kiss then pulled away again. This time smirking.

"So, I was right," he smirked still blocking me against the wall.

I sighed and nodded "I'm just not ready to go back Harry" I still had my arms loosely around his neck.

He frowned nodded "Before you go can I have a couple more kisses it will be the last kiss I have till I get you back" I smiled letting a little laugh out standing on my toes pulling on my arms bringing him closer till our lips touched. I pulled away as he sighed deeply standing up letting me go from the wall.

"I have to go Kayleigh and Zayn are waiting, bye Harry" I walked out wiping away a few tears taking in a deep breath then walked towards the car where Kayleigh and Zayn were the drive back was silent.

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