Everything Will Be Fine...

Kayleigh, Zayn, and Avalon finally are settled down. Avalon just turned one starting to try and walk and talk while Kayleigh and Zayn are about to get married. Will more drama come? Will the wedding go wrong? Will Avalon's first birthday be crashed? Kayleigh worries for Avalon's safety and Zayn goes on tour soon. Will they be able to go? FIND OUT WHILE READING THE STORY!!


3. Don't Get To Used To It

Don't Get To Used To It

Kayleigh's P.O.V

     I woke up and through on skinny jeans, a grey sweater that went to my butt in the back waist in the front, a soft pink scarf with matching earrings, and grey uggs. I went downstairs and saw the boys, girls on the couch. "Darcy!!" I ran over and picked up Darcy from Cats arms. "She's so cute!" Harry laughed and took her from me "if you want to hold a newborn again go tell Zayn and get another one." Cat laughed and hit Harry's arm "Harry let her hold Darcy!" Cat laughed again. Harry pouted and stood up to give her to me. "No it's fine I want MY baby now" I shook my head picking up Avalon who crawled over to me.

    I was craving Starbucks I haven't had it in like 1 1/2 years so since I met Zayn. And, it my favorite place! I sat on the countertop eating an apple as Zayn gave Avalon sliced banana. Zayn put his knife in the sink and walked over to me and laughed. "What?" I asked confused tossing my apple core in the trash. "Your sitting on the counter and your just my height" Zayn laughed again. "Hey!! don't make fun of me and my shortness!" I pouted crossing my arms. "But, I love your shortness" Zayn grabbed my waist pulled my closer to where we was standing. I wrapped my legs around his waist. I pecked Zayn on the lips and hopped off the counter. "I WANT TO GO TO STARBUCKS!!!!!!" I wined and jumped up and down holding both of Zayn's hands.

     I sat down drinking my favorite mocha cookie crumble Frappuccino from Starbucks with Zayn bouncing Avalon on my leg. (That's actually what I LOVE to get from Starbucks)  "Happy?" Zayn asked drinking his. I smiled and nodded.

     When we got home Zayn laid down on the outside propped up by a pillow, and I laid down on the inside part of the couch with Avalon laying on Zayn's chest making little noises. "When do you guys start up again with the tour, interviews, and all that stuff?" I asked looking up at Zayn. He has one hand on Avalon's back and his other arms around me. "Ummm probably soon very soon why?" I held up my left hand. "We have a wedding we haven't done yet remember?" Zayn smiled nodding "I remember" he whispered kissing my hand.

     When Zayn fell asleep I went outback and looked around. I shivered rubbing my arms as the cold wind blew. As I turned to walk inside I stopped. I had the feeling I was being watched. I turned around and a rag immediately went over my mouth and nose. I breathed in not able to hold my breath any longer and fell to the ground not able to see who drugged me.


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