Everything Will Be Fine...

Kayleigh, Zayn, and Avalon finally are settled down. Avalon just turned one starting to try and walk and talk while Kayleigh and Zayn are about to get married. Will more drama come? Will the wedding go wrong? Will Avalon's first birthday be crashed? Kayleigh worries for Avalon's safety and Zayn goes on tour soon. Will they be able to go? FIND OUT WHILE READING THE STORY!!


1. 1st Birthday

1st birthday

Kayleigh's P.O.V

     I woke up by Avalon giggling as she climbed on my stomach. I woke up and gasped in pain removing her foot from my waist. I looked around and Zayn was brushing his teeth in the bathroom. I smiled and took Avalon and sat up and placed her on my lap. "Happy Birthday baby girl!" I smiled and tickled her as she laughed squirming around. Zayn walked in and got on the bed next to me "Morning babe" he leaned in and kissed me. "And good morning to you birthday girl!" Zayn poked Avalon in the waist and kissed her cheek. I laughed and got up handing her to Zayn and kissed him. "I love you" I whispered "love you more" Zayn smiled. I laughed "I'm not getting caught in that game" as I walked into the closet grabbed my outfit a towel and hopped into the shower.

     I got out wrapped a towel around me did my make-up and changed. I wore dark green skinny jeans, tan boots, a cream cute oversized sweater that was to my butt in the back and waist in the front. I did a cute flick with my eyeliner, and curled my hair. When I walked out Zayn walked in our bedroom and saw me then whistled. I smiled feeling my cheeks get red. I took Avalon and changed her into a long sleeved pink dress with little black polka dots and a black ribbon around her waist tying a bow on the side of her waist. I put her little hairs in pig tails and put little pink bows on both of them. She had on little black baby toms.

     I set Avalon on the living room floor with some toys and started putting decorations up. I tied balloons to her high chair, the lamp post outside, and on a weight in the middle of the present table. I put a little round cake that was white, with hot pink around the edges, black polka dots all over the sides, and said in pink Happy first birthday Avalon, and a bigger one in the middle of the table that looked like the smaller one. I placed three wrapped presents on the table set up in the living room and more...

     An hour later the boys and girls, my family, Zayn's family, Claire, and Darcy (if you forgot Darcy is Cat's and Harry's new born baby girl that was born near the end of SBST). We all just kinda talked for 30 minutes then we went to the kitchen to have cake. I turned to get candles and Zayn got the lighter. "Maddie and Niall step away from the cake" Zayn and I said at the same time as we got the stuff. "How'd you know?!" Niall was confused. I turned around I know you two much to well to know if there is food in the room you will eat in" I stuck the number 1 candle on Avalon's little cake and set her in her high chair as Zayn lit the candle.

     Zayn and I helped Avalon blow out her candle as everyone took pictures. I smiled and Zayn held my hand. She immediately  grabbed a big piece of cake and shoved it in her mouth. I laughed and looked at Maddie as I recorded her with my iPhone. "HAHAHAHAHA I TAUGHT MINI MOFO WELL!!" Maddie yelled as Niall laughed holding her hand. "You two aren't babysitting her anymore!" I laughed as I gave Zayn the phone and Liam helped me cut the cake.

     After we ate I washed up Avalon's face and hands then picked her up and walked into the living room placing her in her walker. I took the first present from Zayn's family and read the card aloud. "To Avalon Bliss Malik Happy 1st Birthday! We love you and hope you have a fantastic time learning your way through life" I smiled. "Aw that's a cute card" a put the present in front of her. Zayn helped her unwrap the present and it was a baby doll. Zayn smiled "c'mon mom don't encourage her to be a young mom at this age!" I laughed and kissed Zayn's cheek.

     1 hour later we opened all the presents and Avalon had 3 times more toys than earlier today. I said bye to everyone and shut the door just as Avalon started to get fussy. "Are you hungry baby?" I got a banana and spilt it in half and held a piece up to her mouth. She shook her head and pushed it away. "Ohh your tired you are always tired" I brought her up to her room and changed her as I set her in her crib the doorbell rang. "ZAYN CAN YOU GET THAT!?" no response I walked to the door wondering who it is. When I opened the door standing in front od me was my ex- boyfriend Justin who Zayn and I bumped into last night. How did he find out where we live?







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