Watermelons (thecomputernerd01, Sobo, Joey Gatto)

When Jules comes to town for two weeks during the summer, she and Ellie look to fill those weeks with as much fun and reminiscence as possible. They hit their favorite beaches, a couple amusement parks, and some places they used to go to when Jules still lived on the East Coast. Towards the end of her stay, Jules decides she knows the perfect place to go. Where is this place and what will happen there? Will they see their favorite YouTuber there as Jules so optimistically hopes? Or will it be just another day trip as Ellie fears?



So, guys, guess what! I have self-published a book using createspace called In the Heart of an Unsocial Butterfly and Watermelons (along with a couple other stories and some poems) is in it! :) It's available to buy on Amazon right at this very moment! :D (It's on sale+free shipping on orders over $35 right now! :D) There's a link in the comments for you guys and make sure you tell me if you get it so I can thank you profusely! :D Give me suggestions on how you'd like to be thanked ;)

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