The Day The World died

A girl coming of age, asks her mother about their history, and this is that story. ( National Poetry day Competition)


1. The Day The World Died

The Day The World Died

By; The Girl Of Ages


The coming of age girl

was a curious one

who always,


stayed away from the water.

She found it as something 

that she couldn't understand

and it bothered her.

It was cool and calm on one day

then the next

it was a storm of danger and mystery.

It bugged her that

no one could fully understand it,

it was illogical.

So one day she asked her mother

"Why is the water the way it is?"

Her mother just replied with a nod and

"Let me explain to you your history"

The coming of age girl was confused

 did she not ask about the water

not her history?

But like a good daughter she sat down

and listened to her mother.

"A long long time ago

all there was, was water and land,

Then one day Water decided to take form

and took the form of a person. 

Over time the water person, and many more,

became like the people we are today.

Though once the water became a person

it could not understand why water is what it is

and why it dose the things it dose.

That first water person

was the one who the Water began to hate,

because he used the water without asking,

and manipulated it to use in different things.

The Water hated that, so he banished him

from the water,

The water man felt like the world had

collapsed and died

right there in front of him,

never to return again.

That man was your


everyone in the family has had

a unique feeling against the water

no other family but our has it.

 This information cannot be shared

with your friends

or told to anyone

as it is called a family secret.

Now do you understand?"

The coming of age girl understood fully.

" Yes," she said

"I understand"

With that she got up,

went to the lake nearest to her home

and cried.

She cried with all of the water

that resented her family,

and she cried some more

And she cried for her decedents after her

that would have to deal the the pain and misery 

the came with being in the family.

But did she die?

well, actually she did died that day.

because she sat to close to the water

and it swallowed her whole.

That was the real day 

 The World Died.









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