Can You See Me?

A new family, a new home, a new start. Life can't get better than this! Although they thought.

Newly weds Annalise and Rion and their nine year old daughter Brittinay move into a new house in the heart of California. Life is perfect until they get a phone call. Yes, the old phone-call-your-going-to-die trick. But this is different. The voice on the other end was strangely familiar, but how?

Will their efforts to save their daughter be lost? Do they live to tell the tale? But most importantly, can they see me?


1. The Arrival

"Here we are! Our new home! 26 avenue drive is now inhabited by the Mercer's!! Yeah, that's right! Right near the avenue park! Right next to the-" 

"Yes Mum, ok, we get the point!"We have been for not even five minutes and she is already rambling on!

"Sorry but I'm just excited to finally get here! We have been waiting almost a year for this moment!"

"Honey! Can you help me out here! There are so many boxes! Brittany darling, just go inside and pick what room you want, the one near us or the other one."

Dad always wants me to pick my own room. Since we are always moving because of his job, he believes that I should get a say in something, so I get to choose my room each time he gets transferred to different places. We move there for about three years and then we go somewhere else. But this time it was permanent, he is now the CEO of the new computer and technology industry of California. Mum stays at home all day and just cleans the house and makes her cooking videos for youtube. Me on the other hand, I am only in grade five. I am one year older then the rest of the kids, but to be honest, probably dumber. 

"Ok." I make my way up the long driveway, but hear mum in the background. 

"Should she really get a choice? Can't she just be in the room next us? The other one is right outside the door to the attic. You know how I feel about these things!"

"She'll be fine, just let her choose."

Mum is always freaked out by all things that are related to horror movies. So we are lucky to even have a house with an attic! The old winding staircase creaks as I go up, each time my foot hits a step, the whole thing creaks. I run up to go see which room I want, the staircase creaking so loud someone could have mistaken it for a thunder storm.

The room next to mum and dad's looks so boring, square with pink floral wallpaper, a small single bed in the corner and one cupboard which looks like it is a thousand years old in the other.

The room near the attic however, it has a sloped ceiling and a single bed, the walls have the most beautiful colour blue on them with no wallpaper. The cupboard is similar to the one in the other room but this one has drawers sitting next to it. It was just beautiful. 

"Mum, Dad, I know what room I want!"

"Which one?" Dad was the first to answer. 

"The one near the attic. I know it's not the one you wanted mum but it is beautiful!"

"Ok Brit, here is the box with your clothes and the one with all your other stuff is here. Take one and come back for the other."

I grab the box with my clothes in it and take it upstairs. As I start to fill the wardrobe with my clothes I notice something on the inside of the door. They look like scratch marks, with, is that dried up blood? That's when I heard the scream, only it was mine.


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