Cara Mitchell; a girl who's done with her life. Been hurt too many times, broken so deep that the scars in her heart can never be together again. One horrible day will change her life. She'll learn things that she never thought about a person.. A person who changes her whole thinking of her life.


4. Chapter 3

Niall walks ahead of me when my mother calls us to the dining room. Mother sits at the head of the table, Tyler on the left, I on the right; and Niall right next to me..

"We're happy that you could join us tonight Niall" my mother announces. She means she's happy; not me. "It's a pleasure." Niall replies. I can tell he feels a bit uncomfortable in this awkward situation. I can't blame him. It's agonizing. My mind is racing with thoughts on what's going to happen tonight, so far it feels like its not going to turn out so well.

"My mother tells me that you saved Cara from jumping." Tyler says. And here we go..

"Uh-" Niall starts but I cut him off. I don't want to talk about this right now, even though its the reason he's here, but I can't stand to talk about my problems. "Can we not talk about this now?" I ask rudely rolling my eyes.

"CARA! Don't be rude and let dear Niall finish." mother contradicts. Kiss up.. Mother always kisses peoples asses to make them like her.

"Yeah I did.. I don't want people to take their own lives." Niall finishes.

"Well Niall we are very grateful for what you've done for me and my mother. We have no idea what we would do without Cara. I couldn't stand to live without her." Tyler smiles. I know he means what he says, but he has no idea what's actually going on.

"We really are thankful. If Cara didn't attempt this selfish act, she would be a lot happier." My mother states while continuing eating her food.. Selfish act? No. It's trying to get out of this life because the pain is too hard to bear.. Its a persons last resort. When they feel like they have no way out. I wish she understood that...

I wish she could understand that I'm not selfish. "I'm not selfish." I mutter under my breath, taking another sip of water.

"Excuse me?" My mother coughs

"Nothing.." I lie..

"No, tell me." she pressures

"I said, I am not selfish." I answer slowly.

Great now here comes the argument.. I knew this was going to happen. Well I wanted it to happen.

"If you weren't selfish, the why did you attempt it?" she chuckles

"Cara lets talk about this later, not when we have guests?..." Tyler interrupts gesturing his head towards Niall. His eyes look worried.

"There is no later and mother knows that. She always says later, but never cares enough to do anything about it! She always says I ruin everything for her! Her 'perfect' reputation!" I yell. I don't care about how inappropriate this situation is! We never talk about things that are important! She NEVER cares!

"CARA! SIT DOWN! Why cant you behave like your brother?" She yells. I didn't even realize that I was standing up. My anger gets the best of me, and brings out the worst in my mother.

"I am so sorry Niall. This shouldn't be happening now." She politely apologizes to Niall, with her voice softer than before.

"You're so sorry about Niall? WHAT ABOUT ME?! He's the one that's caused all this mess! HE'S THE ONE WHO SAVED ME!! IF HE DIDNT DO THAT, THIS DAMN DINNER WOULDNT BE HAPPENING NOW!" I am now screaming.. I look towards Niall and his face is shocked with fear.

"If you didn't try to JUMP in front of a train, this wouldn't be happening; this is YOUR fault. Not his." she spats. Ouch.. Yes she is true this is my fault, but to hear her say that. It hurts. Everything is my fault! It's my fault that I'm still here, that I'm not dead. "Everything is my fault." I announce with my voice softer as I speak.. I move away from the table and walk into the living room. I can hear mother and Tyler whispering.

 I pace back and fourth I can't help but hyperventilate and cry into my hands. What the hell is wrong with me? Why do I always mess EVERYTHING up!? As I continue you to bawl I feel a light touch on my shoulder.

"WHAT?" I yell as I lift up my head from my hands. I look up to see the kind face of Niall. Thank god it wasn't my mother, but I should've known since it wasn't a hard slap. "I'm really sorry for what you're having to go through.. No one should have to go through this. It's hard right now, I know how you feel, trust me; but I want you to know that one day things will get better. I am here for you if you need anything. I know you hate my guts, but here's my number if you want to talk." He hands me a piece of paper, and sure enough it has his phone number on it.. I reply with a slight nod.. My head is spinning from all the crying.

What does he mean when he knows how I feel? He has no idea how I feel.. He doesn't know me.. I highly doubt that things will get better.. Nothing is going to ever get better.. I'm going to be dead in this life forever...

"Niall, I'll take you home.." Tyler says as he walks into the living room. Niall gives me a friendly smile as he turns to Tyler. "It was nice to meet you Niall. Wish this dinner turned out better." My mother says hugging him goodbye. All I can see in her face is lies..

"Bye Niall..." I say softly.

Tyler pulls mother and me in the kitchen so he could grab his keys and have a short word with us.

"Mother, go relax, take a shower and go to bed. You've had a long day.. Cara, I suggest you do the same and we'll talk about this later." Tyler grabs his keys, and mother goes upstairs.

Tyler is always the one who can keep the peace between us. Always has, and always will.

It's about 8pm when Tyler leaves with Niall to take him home.. I look at the piece of paper Niall gave me and walk up the stairs.

Maybe I should keep his number.. He's right that I hate his guts, but I don't have many friends, so why not...

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