Cara Mitchell; a girl who's done with her life. Been hurt too many times, broken so deep that the scars in her heart can never be together again. One horrible day will change her life. She'll learn things that she never thought about a person.. A person who changes her whole thinking of her life.


2. Chapter 2

The next morning I waking up crying.. Knowing that I'm still alive, just breaks me. I can't take this anymore.. I'm just so tired of fighting... 

Around 1pm the nurse comes in bringing me a bag filled with fresh clothes. I assumed that my mothers driver dropped them off. "Your mother has discharged you.. She said your ride is right outside, so you must hurry." The nurse informs me. I nod as I grab the bag.

I put on a pair a blue jeans with a mint polka dot blouse. I look into the mirror.. I look so tore up.. Being dead I would look better. My hair is all knotted, my eyes bloodshot from all the crying, what else could look worse? The doctor comes in one more time asking me the same question; "Are you going to be alright at home?" I answer yes, even though it's a complete lie. Everything gets worse when I get home. Constant arguing and constant neglect. Why can't my life get better?

I walk out of the hospital room and into the lobby. There's no one in sight except nurses and this man sitting down waiting. At that moment, I knew who he was. "Tyler!" I smile. My brother gets up giving me a tight hug. I haven't seen him in over a year. He really has no idea what's going on.. All he knows is that I'm depressed and that I've tried to commit suicide twice.

But why would he need to worry about me? He lives in New York with his perfect job as a lawyer. How in the world did he know about me being here? I didn't even know he was coming.. "Why are you here, and how did you know that I was here?" I ask. He really doesn't know what's going on in my life since he left. He knows how I was before, but I've gotten worse since he left; especially ending up in a hospital.

"I came to surprise you and mother because I finally got time off, and when I came to her office, her eyes were so red.. I asked her why, and she told me everything that happened yesterday." he answers. Of course she's trying to get Tyler on her side.. Faking every cry and every emotion that pops out of her mouth. I can't believe her.

"I'm still in complete shock. Cara please don't do this again.." Tyler pulls me into a tight hug.. I missed his warms hugs. His hugs can always make me feel better in some way. "Do you have any idea what that would do to us if you were gone?" I can feel his tears drip on my shoulder. Tyler is the only who actually cared about when our father left.

"I-I'm sorry.." I stutter.. I really don't know what to say.

I missed him so much. The things she said to me yesterday replay in my mind.. I can't stop thinking about it.. She lies about me to everyone.. She just doesn't want anyone to know the truth. The truth about the real me. Why does she have to hate me so much? What have I done to deserve this..? Tyler holds me close as we ran to his car in the pouring rain.

Once we're in the car, Tyler starts talking about his life so far in New York. He seems so happy there. He has a successful job, he's away from mother, and he has a beautiful fiancé.. I'm happy for him, and jealous at the same time. I wish I could have his perfect life. Our mother has always loved Tyler more than me.. I've always been the more unloved and neglected child of my family.

As the car ride continues, Tyler keeps trying to lighten up the mood. I act like it's working, but really my mood is just getting worse and worse.

About a half hour later we reach the small mansion of which I call my 'home'. I never thought I would be walking through these glass doors again. I never wanted to walk back into this house again.. I hold Tyler close as we enter the house.. It's so uncomfortable walking in here. It feels like something has died and came back to life..

"Mother should be here in the next hour or so, so maybe you should get freshened up for dinner. You know how she is when things aren't 'perfect' " He informs me. He standards of perfect.. Don't get me started..

Shit; I completely forgot about dinner... She's bringing that one guy Niall. My hatred has grown more and more for him since yesterday's incident. I wish he didn't save me. I should've tried harder.. Tried something different.. Maybe this wouldn't have happened. Maybe I would've been dead...

"Im going out for a bit, I'll be back before mother gets here. Don't worry." He smiles.. I nod as I walk up the spiral staircase. I walk into my bedroom grabbing a black low-high skirt and a white blouse, and everything else I need for my shower. The hot shower relaxes me a bit. I love showers because they allow time to think.. A shower is definitely a place to break down. I could scream my heart out and no one would hear or even care.

Once I get out of the shower I get dressed then blow dry my hair to straightened. I then put on a bit of make up to cover up my flaws even though I can see though it. I put concealer on the scars of my arms and wrists. It doesn't cover up that much, but it takes away the redness. Once I finish, I walk back downstairs to see if Tyler came back. He's still not home. I guess I got the house to myself.

I walk back upstairs back to my room and turn on the T.v. Surprisingly, the t.v has a good movie on. Its one of my absolute favorites; Cyberbully. I have no idea how many times I've seen this movie, and I've cried every single time. The most intense part just jerks me to tears. Knowing that Taylor's best friend Samantha acts like the one guy she trust online, then shares all her secrets, and starts rumors about her. Its just heartbreaking, and when those problems happen in real life, especially when you experience it first hand.

About forty minutes into the movie I hear the door shut.. I'm hoping that its Tyler. I turn off the tv and walk downstairs, and to my disappointment it's my mother and non other then, the one and only Niall... 

How can this day get any worse?

"Caralina!" My mother calls.. "Yes mother?" I ask politely. I would've said something else, but she would surely scream at me. 

"Be nice and show Niall where to put his things..." I nod.. My stomach turns at the sight of him.. "Come with me." I instruct him. My anger grad more and more by the second.

I point to the coat closet and tell him to put his belongings there. "Thank you." He says with a shy smiler.

Before I turn away to walk back to the living room, I freeze. "Wh-why did you save me?" I ask.. I need to know why..

"Well. Umm.. Well because you were about to commit suicide. I can't bare to see someone take their own life. Everyone deserves to see their future.. No one knows where the future may lead.." He answers. I can tell he means what he's says, but I can't bring myself to believe it. 

"I don't deserve to live.." I feel my eyes about to water.

I don't at all deserve to be on this earth. All I ever do is hurt people and cause stress. My mother hates me, my father left because of ME. Do what's there to live for?

"Yes you do." He softly touches my shoulder. I quickly jerk his ham off. 

"You have no idea what I go through.. I DESERVE TO DIE! There is no hope in my future so why he alive!" I snap at him.. "No one cares about me." I add slowly.

"I care! If I didn't care, why would I have grabbed you? You're right, I don't know what you go through or deal with, all I know is that things happen for a reason.." His tone is soft and calm. 

"Y-you just don't understand-" I rush past him and back into my room.. God why am I so difficult? People are nice to me and I just tell at them.. I can't this! He doesn't understand what I go through everyday.

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