Oh My Dear Water

The theme of the poem is 'Water' as this was in the guidelines of the competition that was held only for a day as a response to the National Poetry Day. The competition was to celebrate this National Poetry Day.
The competition was 'Water, water everywhere'.

This poem is inspired by 'Shakespearean Sonnets'.
This isn't quite a Shakepearean Sonnet as one line doesn't agree with the trend. However, I felt that it sounded better if I left the line as it is rather than force it to agree with the trend.
Therefore it isn't a Shakespearean Sonnet, however it does share the same rhyming scheme similar to it.
This was definately fun to write given that we had only a day to write it!
I really do hope you all enjoy reading the poem!

Alessandro Woodbridge.


1. The poem

You swim, you slide, you slip,

Oh My Dear Wonderful Water,

You tumble, you turn, you flip,

Well done, that's how its done. Don't falter.

Don't slack,

Stay healthy,

Drink, Drink, Drink. Put that back into it.

My, Oh my, for the gentle flow is slow, like a calm ninja, all stealthy.

Shhh! Just like that. It's quiet. It relaxes you,

Tranquillity provided, bringing you joy

Like sitting down after a long day and reading a newspaper on the loo,

Now isn't that coy?

Oh, I am so glad you could join me, my beautiful elegant Friend,

My Dear resourceful Water, may the happiness you forever bring to me, never end.


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