Dance in the Rain

Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's all about dancing in the rain.
Poem about water.


1. Water


A storm is coming.


Take a moment and wait for it to arrive.


Feel the rain pound against your skin,

The cool, the soft, the wet drops showering you.


Feel the happiness, dance in the drizzle,

Splash in the puddle now, worry later.


Feel the slick, tiny beads roll down your cheek,

Breathe deeply and smile, grin towards the heavens.


Feel the moist breeze as it blows through your hair,

Laugh and shake, make your own rainstorm.


Hear the tiny droplets whisper their stories,

Listen to them as they share their tales.


Close your eyes and imagine,

Picture the magic this water has seen.


Open your heart and allow them in,

This water will not hurt you.


Cleanse yourself in its purity,

Let your troubles wash away.


Bathe in the water's spirit,

Believe that it will not let you down.


Visualize the others saved by this water,

Allow yourself to become one of them.


Stand in the storm and relish in its beauty.

Do not wait for it to pass.


Your problems have been washed away now,

Keep going.


Keep a smile on your face,

A skip in your step, 

And your eyes on the sky.


You don't want to miss the next rain.



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