First Sight

Niall Horan is a famous heart-throb from Ireland. He was simply looking for a shoe store when he met the love if his life.
Bella Vetada is your average 19 year old. When she simply wants to get the door-busters at the local mall, will she find love, or will her horrid past be relived?

Find out in First Sight.


7. The evening's news

   Bella's POV

i was wasn't sure how to tell Niall I was pregnant. My ex used to rape me, and I finally got away. I started having morning sickness and I thought I was sick. The doctor had me take a pregnancy test just to make sure and it came back positive. I was happy and scared. I hope Niall won't leave me, the baby needs a father and my ex Matt sure as hell won't be that father. "Beylla! He shoot is almost ready!" My photoman, Perry, needed me. " coming!" I yelled. " oh Bella, how I love your Italian accent" perry announced. 

-skip to mall-

Niall's POV

i hope nothing is wrong with Bella. Hmmm.. I really like her. I want to ask her out, but what if I get rejected. Well what's life without risk, right? We'll i see Bella. Better see what's up.



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