First Sight

Niall Horan is a famous heart-throb from Ireland. He was simply looking for a shoe store when he met the love if his life.
Bella Vetada is your average 19 year old. When she simply wants to get the door-busters at the local mall, will she find love, or will her horrid past be relived?

Find out in First Sight.


6. Relief and a phone call

Niall's POV

As I heard the scream, I freaked out. It sounded like Louis. I grabbed a knife and slowly went upstairs. I kicked Louis's door open and saw Louis and Eleanor were playing the Wii and Louis was losing at Mario Kart. They freaked out then Louis cursed me out for breaking his door. Then El (Eleanor) calmed him down and I descended downstairs. I decided to call Bella and grabbed my phone. I pulled out the card and called the studio's number. "Heyloooo?!" A French accent answered. "My I speak to Bella?" I asked. "Beylaaaaa! You hayve a cawlll!!! He yelled. His accent sounded really funny. "Hello?" I heard an angelic voice say. "Bella, it's Niall." I stated. "Niall! What's up?" She said. "Not much" I said. "Hey I can't talk right now but we could meetat the mall in about an hour. I wanna talk about something" she said speedily. "Ok bye!" I said. "Bye Niall!" She said and with that she hung up. I decided to get ready. 



Ok well we'll this is a load of shit I know. But the next chapter is quite interesting. TRUST ME!!! 




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