Blind Sided by Love

Close your eyes, and just imagine a world where everything is shadows. That is how Claire lives everyday since the tragic accident. Close your eyes again, and imagine a world that is almost perfect. That is the world that Brian lives in, rich, butlers, anything he wants but two things. Love and for his parents to stop fighting.


4. The kiss

       Brain's P.O.V

           Two weeks later. I still have not talked to my mom. Her and I have come home. my dad is in jail. He deserves it through, so I don't feel sorry for him at all.

          I decided I would go see Claire today. So I am on my way. I still had to go to school so its like four o'clock.

      Claire's P.O.V

             So it is supper time and Kiki is feeding me. Great I am starting to see shadows. The doctor says that I doing great. Only thing is they don't think I will ever see fully again. I get to go home tomorrow.

            "Hey girl. What's up?" Kiki asks as she walks in the hospital room. "Not much. Except the fact that your feeding me supper." "Uh, no, I'm not." "What do you mean?" Just then I hear my food being wheeled in front of me. "You are going to learn to eat." says Kiki. "Ok but I will need help." "Uh no you won't."

             All of a sudden a hand is on the back of my head. My face ends up covered in food. "Now take this spoon." She places a spoon in my hand. "Scrape all the food into your mouth." Someone knocks on the door at this point. Kiki leans in and whispers: "It's Brian." Oh god. I have had a crush on him since I don't know when.

     Brian's P.O.V

            I walk up to her door and see Kiki hand her a spoon and tell her to scrape the food off her face. I knock on the door even though it was open. Kiki leans over and whispers something I can't hear to Claire. Kiki stands up and I walk over. "Hey Claire. Need any help?" I ask. "Yes." I hear her say barely over a whisper. "Well then." Kiki says as she storms out of the room.

         I pick up a napkin and start wiping food off her face. I gently start wiping her chin and then around her lips. I stop and trace her lips with my thumb. All of a sudden I kiss her.

    Claire's P.O.V

         Brian starts wiping food gently off my face. He wipes my chin and then around my lips. I feel his warm touch as he traces my lips. Then all of a sudden I feel his lips against mine. His lips where gentle as they moved in sync with mine. At first it was a surprise so I did not kiss back but soon I did.         I hear somebody's footsteps. Then I hear my mom start to say "Honey the doctors say that you can come.." She stops. Brian pulls away. I see my mom's shadow in the door way. It starts to move coming towards us. When she stops I hear a snap as her hand collides with Brian's face. She slapped him.

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