Blind Sided by Love

Close your eyes, and just imagine a world where everything is shadows. That is how Claire lives everyday since the tragic accident. Close your eyes again, and imagine a world that is almost perfect. That is the world that Brian lives in, rich, butlers, anything he wants but two things. Love and for his parents to stop fighting.


5. Home is where the heart is

     Claire's P.O.V

          It's been a couple of weeks since I came home the day I got my first kiss. Brian comes to see me everyday he can after of school. I'm still really mad at my mom for slapping him. We kiss every now then, me and Brian. He hasn't asked me out though, which stresses me out some.

        "Hey!" Brian says as he walks in my house. I told him he didnt have to knock anymore. That made my mom mad. I told her to suck it up and get dressed before coming down stairs after her baths. I also gave him my spare key to the house. That really ticked my mom off. Oh well. 

        "Hey!" I immediatly perk up. "You sound excited to see me." "Aren't I always?" "Yeah I guess so." "So what up?" I ask as I feel him peck me on the cheek. "I wanted to ask you something." I sit up straight when I hear this. "Oh really?" "Yeah." "You sound nervous." i have gotten really good at listening to people. "Well... I was wondering if you wanted to go out with me?" he says this slowly.

        I let this sink in. "How do I know you don't just feel bad for me because your dad hit me." He leans in and I feel his lips that I love so much push against mine. As our kiss gets more intense I feel his tongue run along my lower lip asking for entrance. I allow it. My heart is his. He is my home from now on.

    Brian's P.O.V

        After I asked Claire out I was thinking of her just saying yes. Then I hear her ask "How do I know you don't just feel bad for me because your dad hit me." I did the only thing I could think to do. I leaned in and kissed her.After we're done she answers and say: "I believe you love me so, ok. I'll go out with you." My heart is hers. She is my home.


     Author's Note: Sorry if you think these chapters are to short. Hope you enjoy the story. I will try not to have to many author's notes. Thanks!

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