Blind Sided by Love

Close your eyes, and just imagine a world where everything is shadows. That is how Claire lives everyday since the tragic accident. Close your eyes again, and imagine a world that is almost perfect. That is the world that Brian lives in, rich, butlers, anything he wants but two things. Love and for his parents to stop fighting.


2. Gotta love hospitals

       Claire's P.O.V

            "Hey Kiki I forgot to mention I can't give you a ride home" "Hey it is okay I will find one." Look I gotta go." "Bye!"

           Driving home I realized I could have taken Kiki home. I don't know why I said I couldn't. just so it is not so quiet I turn on the radio. I am listening to it when my favorite song comes on. "A thousand years" by Christina Perri. I start singing along.

    "One step closer...

       I have died everyday waiting for you.

       Darling don't be afraid.

       I have loved you for a thousand years.

       I'll love you for a thousand more."

          Then out of no where I get hit. My air bags explode. My life flashes before my eyes. Then it goes black. I'm unconscious.

      Brian's P.O.V

           I am on my way home after dropping Chase off at his house. My phone starts to ring so I pull off too the side of the road. I look at the collar I.D. It's my mom. must be important. I answer.

     Me- Hey mom.

     Mom- Where are you?

     Me- Uhhh. On my way home why?

     Mom- Come to Sinclair hospital. Now.

     Me- Ok. Why?

     Mom- Now!

          She hangs up. Well guess I am goin' to the hospital.

       Claire's P.O.V

          I wake up to nothing. Just blackness. I question whether I am actually awake or not. That is when I hear: "Miss. Taylor? I'm your nurse. Are you going to look at me?" my, I guess, nurse asks. "I would. If I could tell where you were in the pitch black. Where am I?" "Sinclair hospital. And what do you mean pitch black? The lights are on." I start panicking. I hate panicking but it happens

      I feel tears start to well up in my eyes. Shit this why I hate panicking I cry. "I can't see!" I yell at my nurse. "Shhh. Shhhh. Calm down. Calm down." She walks over and rubs my back trying to calm me.

      Brian's P.O.V

          I walk in the hospital to find my mom in the lounge and some other lady I don't know. "Hey mom what's up?" My glances at the other lady and the pulls me down the hall and around the corner. "Mom! What is going on?" I ask getting annoyed. "Your dad hit someone. He was drunk." Oh god. "Who was it?" "Claire Taylor." That was all she said and walk back to the lounge area. Oh god.

         Claire the girl I have had a crush on since who knows when. Beautiful, green eyed, brown wavy haired Claire. The other lady in the lounge must be Mrs. Taylor. I see a nurse walk towards the lounge. I walk around the corner towards the lounge. The nurse is talking to Mrs. Taylor. This is all I hear: "see her now. Just to warn you we think she may be blind." That was the nurse. "Oh god. Way!" that is Mrs. Taylor. I feel the same way.


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