Blind Sided by Love

Close your eyes, and just imagine a world where everything is shadows. That is how Claire lives everyday since the tragic accident. Close your eyes again, and imagine a world that is almost perfect. That is the world that Brian lives in, rich, butlers, anything he wants but two things. Love and for his parents to stop fighting.


6. Braille and football

    Claire's P.O.V

         So the day Brian asked me out I aslo got a call from Nora. This was the call:

     My Mom- Hello?

     Nora- Yes is Claire there?

     My Mom- Yes. Here she is.

          She hands me the phone making sure I am holding it right.

    Me- Hello?

    Nora- Yes hello. Claire how would you feel to learning braille?

    Me- Sounds great but...

    Nora- But what?

    Me- Isn't that a lot of money?

    Nora- Not if you are being taught by me!

    Me- Really?

    Nora- Yes come by this address tomorrow.

        So my mom was mad that I didn't ask first so before Brian left I asked if he could take me. He said sure.

     Brian's P.O.V

        I told Claire that I would take her to Nora's to learn braille. I got home and got a call from the football coach. When I answered he said that our first practice of the season was tomorrow after school. Shit! I hung up when he was done.

        What am I going to do? The first practice is mandatory, but Claire has to have a ride because her mom is an asshole and Claire would agree. If I don't go I can't play football this season.

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