Blind Sided by Love

Close your eyes, and just imagine a world where everything is shadows. That is how Claire lives everyday since the tragic accident. Close your eyes again, and imagine a world that is almost perfect. That is the world that Brian lives in, rich, butlers, anything he wants but two things. Love and for his parents to stop fighting.


7. Author's Note

So I guess this book isnt a favorite by anyone. The one like i have is from a friend that is sorta helping me write it but she is also the only commenter. I honestly am not trying to guilt you but realy if anyone wants me to continue it would be nice to have comments and likes. Maybe so contructive critism would be nice like maybe what should happen to make it more exciting. My friend potatoes4nora is wanting a sex scene so... there is something I am heading towards. i dont know how to change the rating to red but i will say that i am not referncing to sex i am planing to make them have sex. If I finished this i would probably make one about there child so like sequel nut i dont people want me to continue. If you think I should continue with this book please comment and tell me.

                                                       Thank you,


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