Salt Lips

Water and Love. Connected neatly as two necessitates often overlooked. Water to cleanse and quench thirst. Love to heal and fill life's purpose. As water and people have journeys in common, love also has a path. Inspired by love and what it feels like to jump into the deep end.
Entry for "National Poetry Day with a 24 hour poetry competition"


1. Salt Lips


Two light footsteps skim towards a little stream
Trickling softly, whispering into my skin
Swept away by its infinite song
Following the moonlight's careful lead
Oblivious to the distant memory of the shore
The roar of the waterfall erased my path
A thousand fragements tapping my shoulder
Invisble stars falling together to soak me to the bone
No longer afraid to drown
Salty hands wrapped around my wrists
Too cold to swim, too alive to sink
Because Darling when I fell for you
I didn’t realise the stream
Would lead me to the ocean


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