Wash The Weight of the World From My Shoulders

Just a poem for a competition that I hope will win.

Topic: Water

Title Credit: Purified by Of Mice & Men

(Yes, I realize this is sad, but I am very happy and want to make that known, so please do not worry about me. It was an idea I've had for a long time and figured this was the perfect time to have it published)


1. Purified


Cold like ice, yet a home to my heart

You were right there from the start.

Now as I stand at waters edge,

I wait for a sign, a sign that tells me she's not dead.

She was a lonely girl, lost and confused

Except, life was better all because of you.

The sound of the waves beating on the shore,

I only worry that she can't hear anymore.

The seagulls overhead soothed her mind,

She's only looking for a place she can't leave behind.

She loved the way the sand settled beneath her feet,

the way she felt standing in the ocean breeze.

The sea is her home and always will be,

for I cannot find my bride-to-be.

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