Truly, Madly, Deeply.

*there probably is a fanfic called Truly Madly Deeply already but its probrably not the same C:* Hi........Do you love me yet? oh, care for me to introduce my self. My name is Jocelyn Rose Harrison. I'm what you could call little miss perfect. Everyone loves me and i love that feeling. But when a curly haired boy from england moves to my town, his feelings about me are bad. I try to change his mind while falling truly, madly, deeply in love.


1. New boy

I woke up in my satin bedsheets. To my surprise, before my alarm even went off. i debated on going back to bed or to get up now....

Eh. better get up now. I disabled my alarm and got up to get ready to do my long brown hair. A fishtail braid down the side. I wore a floral shirt and white skinny jeans. I put some eyeliner and mascara on and went down the stairs.

"Hi mom"

"Hi Jocelyn," she said with big smile on here face. Almost laughing.

"What?" What did she do this time?

"Oh nothing just the fact that you have no school today! The schooled called yesterday remember? There was a freak accident with the chemicals in the science lab." Oh yeah...... that must have been horrible for the aftershool kids..

"Oops......" i said laughing myself, i grabbed my cell phone and trudged back up the stairs. I dialed Liam,my best friend since 4th grades number on my phone and waited for an answer. Only i wasnt waiting long when he picked up after two rings. He sounded super excited and excited Liam means excited me.

"Did you here?!" about what the science lab? Why is he so happy thats one of his favorite subjects.

"The science lab? Of course I di-"

"Noooooo not that! My buddy from England, Harry just moved on your street!" a grin drew the corners of my mouth up. Liam met Harry at his trip to England and he nearly never stop talking about him. Never.


"Why i have not! What house number?"

"#37......why?" because im going to win over his heart stupid! I mean uh.....

"Liam a friend of yours is a friend of mine."

"Well Jo, Im very glad you feel that way.." he giggled. Time to take a walk to house #37.

"Uh.....I got to go Liam but i will call you back soon." we hung up the phones and i ran back down the stairs. I threw on some sneakers and out the door.


It didnt take me very long to get to his house. Only a few houses down and around the corner and i was their. I saw a shiny black car in the drive way, and figured someone was home. I walked up to the steps and rung the door bell. I heard some rumbling from inside the house. It sounded like a woman and a man. Only it wasn't a man, but Harrys deep voice. I realized this when he opened the door still yelling at his mom.

"What?" he said sort of roughly. I jolted back at his response. Never in my life was i greeted like that!

"Um.....well i'm best friends with your friend Liam, and i jus-" I looked up at him and he smiled. He walked out onto the steps and shut the door. I expected him to be a little nice but not much has changed since his greeting.

"So why are you here?" he said. I looked up at him and my heart was pounding, pounding of hatred. I crossed my arms.

"Well Mister, one should not be so impolite to a lady." i said staring into his sea-green eyes.

"Sorry mom," he said with such sarcasm. He started to open the door.

"How rude!" i yelled at him. I was so disgusted i felt like screaming.

"Listen." he said stepping into his house, "prissy little brats just arent my type." He kept such a straight face. now i felt like spitting at him.

"Into you?? I came over here because I-" then i remembered. I was trying to make him love me. Fall on his knees, kissing my feet. I stomped hard on the ground and he slammed the door with the same amount of force. If this little prick thinks he can treat me like this, he has another thing coming.


*AUTHORS NOTE* yayyyyy i wrote down  bunch of idea for this on my iPod and my computer got fixed so i can update this and Truth or Dare more often


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