Truly, Madly, Deeply.

*there probably is a fanfic called Truly Madly Deeply already but its probrably not the same C:* Hi........Do you love me yet? oh, care for me to introduce my self. My name is Jocelyn Rose Harrison. I'm what you could call little miss perfect. Everyone loves me and i love that feeling. But when a curly haired boy from england moves to my town, his feelings about me are bad. I try to change his mind while falling truly, madly, deeply in love.


2. Disgusted

For the rest of the day I sat staring at the tv. Nothing purticular was on, I was just staring. Thinking of Harry.

The boy with the curly hair.

The boy with no respect.

The boy with the sea-green eyes.

The boy I absolutely hated.

I bit the inside of my cheek. Until I felt a liquid in my mouth. Blood. I really need to stop that. I got off my bed and over to my dresser and picked up my iPhone.

To Liam: harrys a

I went into the bathroom to check the damage to my cheek. not that bad only some ripped skin.

From Liam: :C Jo but u said u wood make friends


To Liam: well i dont lyk him an he dont lyk me. he called me a priss

I thought back to this morning. He was so rude.....I wonder what him and his mom were argueing about. The thoughts escaped my my mind when i saw my phone start to vibrate off the counter.

It was obviously Liam. I picked it up, already know what was going to happen......sad liam.

"Liam, listen-"

"No Jo....its ok I-..Harry...he can be a jerk sometimes." Liam said with a flat, monotone voice.

"Liam how did you even wind up being friends with him?" I questioned, making a long silence between the phone call. Uh-oh.

"We just.......we got put together when I went to the fair. We were put in the same seat. And from then on we just became good friends. There has been ups and down with harry but-" another pause.

"But what?"

"But hes my friend." I heard a click and that was the end of the conversation. Was Liam pissed at me? I sure hope this blows over by Monday.


Monday morning was rough. I had trouble getting up mainly because I had trouble falling asleep. I couldn't stop thinking about Harry........ but he is such a prick. Or maybe I'm just getting an impression of him wrong. Maybe he was just really pissed at his mom that night. Or something else.

I just put my hair up in a messy bun, some sweat pants and a hollister tee-shirt. Tied my sneakers tight and i wwent out the door. Of course the first thing I saw was a shiny,black car.

Harrys car.

I was about to go back inside when I heard my name called my a familiar voice. It was Liam.

"Jo! Need a ride?" he yelled smiling like an idiot. I agreed only because i seriously hate taking the bus. Maybe more than Harry...

I opened the door and in the process i heard Harry groan.

"Aww does the baby need his bottle?" I asked sarcastically. I gasped when he flipped me the birdie and i told him to go fuck himself. He is such a wise ass "Dont worry i have plenty of girls at my feet who would gladly do it for me." Liam laughed and i debated on jumping out of the moving car or not.


School was the same ol` same ol`. 'I love your hair Jo' 'I love your pants! Where did you get them Joc?' 'Love the shoes Jocelyn' 'Great job in gym today Jocelyn!' complements from everyone. Everyone but Harry.

How could i possibly hate someone so fast? I dont even know. But I dont even care. He acted totally different today at school. Was nice to teachers. Was funny. Well, generally he wasn't being a dick.

Maybe I did get on his wrong side, and know hes just going along with it.

Shit. Shit. Shit.

I probably blew it.

I walked up to him after school. He was with Liam and a few other guys. He was smiling, but it soon faded when i walked up to the group. "oh," Liam said realizing i was behind him."Hey Jo. You guys can leave." he looked at the other guys and they all started to walk accept Harry. Wich i could tell if it was a bad thing or not.

"Listen," I said looking up to Harry, I felt so small. " I feel like i got on the wrong foot with you. Mind starting over?" I said through closed teeth. I started to chew on the inside of my cheek again but quickly contained myself from wounding my cheek again.

"Hi," he said holding out his hand. I was confused. "I'm Harry." was that a yes? I shook his hand. His huge hand. "Im Jocelyn. But you can call me Jo."

"Get in the car." He said with a voice as if he still hated me. I giggled a little, trying to lighten to mood. The car ride was quiet, except for Holy Grail playing on the radio.

I quietly took a peice of paper and pen out of my bag and wrote down my number. Its not weird. I mean we are friends right?

i slipped into his backpack that he threw in the back. I smiled and hoped he would see it and maybe text me tonight.

When we pulled up to my house i thanked them both and told Liam to text me later. I did all my homework. By then it was around 3:30 do i decided to play some games on my phone. The large crack on it started to piss me off. and im surprised my dad hasn't gotten me the 5c.

Liam hasn't texted me yet.


BEEP-BEEP-BEEP- It's fucking 11:00. who is texting me this late?

From 1-774-657-9088: Look outside.

I figured it was just a prank, but for the hell of it I looked outside. As soon as I reached the window something hit it.

A rock.

I rolled up my window.


"Hey babe"




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