the little animals

this is a story about talking animals, but this is more about a cat finding her true love by the help of her friend birdy. there are many different animals in this cute romantic story, I hope you will enjoy it :3


3. Little Moose vs. Little Penguin

Moose looks out the window at Kitty wondering what she's doing. He gets out his guitar and plays a simple tune as he stares into the woods. He starts humming then hears a bang on his door. He gets up and answers it 
''What? " Moose growled angrily.
      When he opened the door it was Pengu with.
      ''Make crabby food.'' Pengu said as he holds a baby crab out to Moose. 
     ''Ok fine.'' Moose takes Crabby to the kitchen. Moose puts him in his high chair and feeds him pees. Crabby launches the food at Moose and he gets up quickly 
     ''Ew yuck! '' Moose said disgustedly and runs up stairs. He cleaned himself and his small antlers. ''Yo deer boy I said feed him not make a mess and leave him. You're a horrible mother." Pengu said as he picked up Crabby. 
     ''Ok first of all I'm a moose and stop telling me what to do! You never take care of YOUR kid, you stupid  emo freak." Pengu left with Crabby and Moose goes back to his guitar.

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