the little animals

this is a story about talking animals, but this is more about a cat finding her true love by the help of her friend birdy. there are many different animals in this cute romantic story, I hope you will enjoy it :3


2. Little Kitty Love


The sun slowly rises as I hear this ringing noise. I realize that it's my phone and I quickly get up and answer it.
     "Hello?" I said groggily. 
     ''Good morning Ello Ello Ello!" Birdy says with her heavy British accent. I end the call and look at the ceiling annoyed. I get up and my phone rings again. 
     "No! " I shouted and threw my phone across the room

Hours went by. I walked outside then Birdy glomps me.  
"Ah! birdy?!" I shout out shockingly.
"Duuuuuuuuude dude dude dude I have big news." Birdy said flitting up and down. 
     ''What!?'' I asked worried. 
     " Moose loves you !" Birdy exclaimed.  While dancing like an idiot. I stayed silent than I passed out. Birdy just stood there with a straight face 
     "..........Kitty?'' Birdy asked.......

Hours go by and I wake up. I have a big smile one my face. I quickly get up and run downstairs. My tail wags and I feel like the happiest cat alive. I see birdy and I hug her. 
     ''Is it true? Does he really love me?'' I ask happily. She hugs me back and smiles 
     "Of course.  Would I ever lie to you?'' Birdy asked as she smiles big. ''Well..... '' I hesitate and think for a moment. 
     '' Ignore that. He loves you'' Birdy said smiling. I jump in the air. I feel so happy that I run out said into the woods Birdy follows me confused. I run as fast as I can and climb up a tree. 
     "Whooooo hooooo!" I shout out with glee. Then I realize he is my first boyfriend if we start dating......

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