My poems hope you like


77. Mask

Why do I wear


Because you are


If I wasn't broken,

would I still wear this?

Yes because people have to

hide even though they

are not broken.

Why do they hide behind it?

Because they are afraid.

Afraid of what?


Every little aspect of the world,

they are afraid of being

broken by it.

Are you afraid?

I used to be.

Then why do you still wear it?

Because I am far too

broken for it to come off.

Is that why there are cracks?


I am so broken that

it's chipping away.

If it finally gives way,

what happens to you?

I'm not sure yet, but

I believe everyone will look

but will not touch for I

would be too fragile.

Will I become like you?

No, because you are strong

and nothing not even the

people around you will

be able to stop.

Can I take it off?

If you must, but just remember

what is under it or else

you will never put it back on

because everyone needs a mask to

survive, but people don't realize

that it is for their own good

and not for others.

If I take it off, will you try to

pry off the mask of yours that

is so deeply cracked and indented

into your face?

I will try, but there will always

be pieces that are left


That's alright, because this

is my second 


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