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23. I'm Not Nobody

Hey there.

I um...

I really don't know where to start,

But um...

I guess I should start with 


You sit here and tell me nobody wants


But I don't understand where you're coming

from by that.

I don't see where I became nobody.

I mean...

In my eyes I'm somebody.

In my eyes I'm somebody important and

my opinion matters.

But I am pretty stupid.

But I'm definitely not nobody,

So when you tell me nobody wants you...

That hurts..

Cause I don't see how you can say that,

When there's someone fighting for you,


right in front of you,

because they care about you.

So if you cant hear me when I tell you

that you matter.

Maybe now you will hear me.

I am not no one so do

NOT! say nobody wants you

because I want you and I fight for you


I think about you


I wonder how you're doing

because I-I cant be there with you all the


But that doesn't mean I'm nobody!

Cause I care!

And ya know the person who says

nobody cares about them is usually the person

that has the most people caring about them.


That's the person I've been fighting for,

the person who says that nobody cares about them

when someone does.

And ya know I'm cool with that.

But there is a line that when you cross it,

Ya know..

That that really hurts.

You told me...nobody wanted you.

Ok, we get that.

But then you have the nerve to tell me

there is no such thing as happiness or love.

Right there.

I know that is a lie.

You tell me that happiness and love is a lie,

and that it's all just fairytales and stories,

and it's a lie like all of that!

Right now you are lying to me when you say


because I know happiness,

I know love!

You know it too,  but you're too blind

to see it!

Ok, does it sound like I'm being too

harsh right now?


That's called tough love.



Get it through your head it is real!

And it is right in front of you!

Ya know I smile everyday  and if you really

know me you might find that hypocritical,

but I smile everyday because I find something to be

happy about!


Even when it's the worst day on Earth,

somebody makes me smile even if it has no relation

to me.

You know why?

I recognize happiness, 

I understand it,

I cherish it,

I believe in it,

but something's happened along the way

and you no longer see it's


You say it's a lie like fairytales.

Fairytales are not lies.

They're, they're supposed to inspire you.

Ya know?

You look at this character you see them going

this situation that seems...

almost totally impossible.

Ya know no human could ever get through that.

But you see them perservere!

You see them go through this...

and you see them holding their heads high,

even when they fall they get back up!

And then you see the end!


Ya know there's good that comes out of

what they just went through!

They're supposed to tell you,

that you should just keep going cause there are

good moments that happen.

And no matter who you are you're gonna have a good

moment in your life!

So don't close the book before you've even gotten

to the climax.

So don't tell me there are no happy endings,

because you're not God,

you can't read the end of your book.

You can't read the last page.

You can't.

But if you do close that book...

and if you do stop writing it...

I will pick your book up,

in hand with mine,

and I will write yours and mine at the same


And I will think about closing mine,

about closing yours,

closing 'em both,

because it's hard to write two books at


But guess what,

life is hard!

Writing your book of life is gonna be


And if I am sitting here willing to

pick up your book of life,

and write it even after you're done with it...

 Then by God!

You had best-

Better open your eyes.

Only a blind person doesn't see what's in

front of them.

And if you can't see,

that there is somebody,

so willing to do anything for you,

because they care about you,

and are happy and they want you to be happy,

and they love you!

I just...

Cause here's the thing,

there are happy endings.

I've seen them.

There is love because I've seen


I've felt it,

and I've experienced it.

And part of love, part of happiness is


Because if you experience pain when you're happy,

you know you're happy.

When you're in love you know you're in love.


Don't tell me it's a lie,

don't try and bring me down with you,

because I am not bringing-

I'm not bringing myself down and I'm not

gonna let you bring yourself down either!

I will pick you up,

and I will carry you so help me!

Even after you're dead!

I will fight for you!

I will fight for your memory

because guess what?

Everything you do is etched in time.

You cant get rid of it so ending your life,

ending that book,

is not worth it.

So don't say you're not wanted when

somebody wants you.

Cause that's what you'll get..



A/N: ok so this isn't mine either, but I really liked it so here it is. By the way this quote is on

youtube its by Snoopyismyhorse so if you want check it out the title is exactly the same











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