My poems hope you like


33. I Want To

All I want, like in the world is

to just keep talking to you.

I wanna know how your day was,

where you wanna eat and I

wanna argue with you.

And I wanna hear all your theories,

even the ones that are completely, you know,


And I know it's not that simple, but I just think-

no, I really believe if you just, if you'd just

be willing to continue this conversation

with me, then we can figure the rest



A/N: ok awesome people, if you can guess who and where this quote is from I will love you forever, jk jk I'll give you a shoutout and you'll forever be known (in my book) as a really awesome person. oh and if you would like I have 2 other stories on here so if you'd like please feel free to check them out so yea k bye love you



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