My poems hope you like


9. Earth

'It's beautiful' is what I hear everyday,

people still believe that the Earth is beautiful.

Well sorry to ruin your dreams of this planet, but

the Earth is far from beautiful.

I always thought "Yeah you're right it is beautiful"

then I woke up from that dream. 

Turns out that Earth is the ugliest planet there is,

And you know why? Because every single person on this planet

makes Earth ugly, with their personality, how they live,

and most importantly how they treat people like us. So, yeah

I guess you could say it's beautiful cause it is truly the most beautiful

planet, but that lie won't work anymore, so my question to you is

Is the Earth truly,




A/N: my last poem was not mine I just really liked it so yeah and I really do want to know if you guys truly believe if the Earth is beautiful so just answer in the comments and thank you guys so much truth is I didn't think anyone would read my shitty poems so thank you guys so much k bye love you


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