This is Us- One Direction

This is my poem for the poetry competition about the One Direction 3D Movie: This Is Us


1. This Is Us

One Direction are a terrific source of inspiration,

they are 5 perfect guys in all of the nation.

They are taking the world by a storm,

this is something that came out the norm.


The new movie, This Is Us,

is real life, and follows them on their tour bus.

It showed us how the boys really are,

They are a bunch of down-to-earth mega stars.


The scenes with family made me cry,

so emotional, my eyes were never dry.

The boys love their families with all their heart,

it is a shame they spend so long apart.


We know the boys for their cheeky ways,

they like to mess about through the days.

Their dancing in the film is something not to miss,

Zayn says, "Don't you love how we take the piss."


Liam and Harry fishing was a scene so fine,

I loved when Harry said, "My arse is on the line."

Niall dressed up as a security guy,

and took the micky out of the boys and himself, which shows he ain't shy.


Louis was the one to sit and watch,

as the others put up tents top notch.

The boys show no signs of stopping,

but why would we want them to when in the charts they're topping.


Other scenes that were so cool,

were the topless shots that made me drool.

The boys bodies are really ace,

everyone should watch this space.


Louis and Liam were very funny,

when they broke those cups, it must of cost a lot of money.

Liam made me laugh out loud,

when he pulled Harry's trousers down in front of a crowd.


Nialler wished he could tell us all how much we mean,

for allowing him to live his dream.

He is such a funny member of the group,

especially when on his rice he poured his Misa soup.


Harry took us back to his birth place,

a scene that was totally ace.

We saw him work in his bakery again,

the customers gave him 10/10

Louis said they were to build the campfire, Tommo style,

then when it fell over, he left it and that made me smile.

"This is a teamwork between us and them." is what Louis said,

which shows he ain't got a big head.


Liam worries of finding someone right,

that will love him, for him, morning and night.

He thought Australia was near Japan,

I am his number 1 fan.


Zayn bought a house for his mum,

a really kind gesture that made me feel numb.

This guy normal gets up early, - never,

but he had to record vocals on Best Song Ever.


Niall, Harry, Liam, Louis, and Zayn,

are the band with the awesome name.

My confidence has soared because of this band,

I feel I can do anything I turn to hand.

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