Poetry Anthology

A collection of poems written by me.
These include my book series poems that aren't about the books but written using the title of every book in the series in order.


3. Suicide

Silent screams ring in my ears,

My glass is empty except for tears.

What reason do I have to live,

When I have nothing but silence to give.

I would cry if I had tears,

I would scream if I had fears.

But I've cried so much for something,

But I've screamed so much for nothing.


A broken heart does not beat,

A broken heart admits defeat.

But I will not put the gun to my head,

I will not shoot myself dead.

Instead I will suffer in silence,

For only in silence.

Can I hide from the reason for my pain,

Tears are hidden by rain.


The blood is washed away,

But scars are here to stay.

Wounds are deeper on the soul,

A broken heart will never be whole.

A larks song is one of morn,

A crows song is one of mourn.

Inwardly I will cry for another life,

As defeated I'll take my life.

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