Poetry Anthology

A collection of poems written by me.
These include my book series poems that aren't about the books but written using the title of every book in the series in order.


13. Nothing Lasts Forever

The drunken yells fill every room,

Along with the screams of a small child.

His heart still beats his lungs still breath,

But he's dead inside.


A young girl barely 14 sits on her bed,

Stomach bulging with a baby inside.

People frown at her and call her a slag,

They don't know she's a victim of rape.


A man sits crying in the back of a police car,

He's shot his best friend in a busy street,

He's looking at a life sentence,

No one believes it was an accident. 


A woman wanders through the streets,

Pining up posters of her son.

Everyone tells her to give up,

He's been gone for two years.


An old man sits on the cold floor,

Using an old battered coat as a blanket.

He hasn't eaten for days,

He has to soon or he'll die.


A woman cries into her handkerchief,

As her sons coffin is carried past her.

He once had a life a future,

A son, a brother, a fiancé, a soldier, a friend.


A boy sits pen shaking in hand,

A knife held against his neck with the other.

He can't take the cruel torments any more,

Nobody heard his pleas and now it's too late.


If nothing really lasts forever,

Why is there still war, ignoranceviolence and rape?

Why do children hurt, cry and die?

If nothing lasts forever,

Why is the world still plagued with bad things?


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