What They Don't Know

For the 24 hour poetry contest


1. What They Don't Know

Water, water, everywhere. When people see me they stop and stare.
They don't see, that someone like me just isn't free.
Free from sorrow, free from pain, free from dripping down the drain.

There it goes drip, drip, drip. Red, warm, fresh from my sleeve.
I told them to stop, I ask them please. Oh! How I beg and plead!

What they don't know about me. What they are blind to see.
In my hand I hold this thing. When I drag it, my, how it stings.

Once, twice, three times it goes. Red in small, skinny rows.
Oh my dear it's just not fair. All those girls don't seem to care.

And now there's water,water everywhere.

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