A Lost Song

The beginning of the very long journey of 150 years, starts with a tragic loss. (Alicia is said "Alisha")


3. The Familiar Shriek

When the whole TARDIS Console was shimmering beautifully, (another sigh of content), he placed the cleaning items back into the junk box. He looked up, through the glass floor and up at the goldish bronzy ceiling. Gallifreyan words were inscribed into the metal. Translated by the Doctor as "The boundary condition of the Universe, it that it has no boundary." He had inscribed them himself, as his TARDIS was much older than Stephen Hawking, but once meeting the man, and having this said to him, as it related to him so much, he thought it only fitting to see this as he gazed upon the ceiling of his TARDIS. 

He closed the box, and turned to walk back up the stairs, but before his foot had even lifted off of the metal floor, a woman's yell sounded out from the corridors of his TARDIS. The scream sounded much like River, and sounded like it had come from the cot-room. The Doctor ran as fast as his legs could take him. And as he burst into the room, he saw a dreadful sight. River was on the floor, twitching wildly, and Alicia, yet again, was crying in something's arms. It looked like a monk. The Doctor had seen one of them before, they were from an ancient cult. Not quite Doctor-old, but still fairly old.

"Let. Go. Of. My daughter!" He yelled angrily. "NOW!!" But it didn't let go, it disappeared instead. The Doctor dropped to the floor next to River, who was still writhing madly. But as he tried to place a hand on her arm, a strong electric current whizzed up his veins, jolting his hearts. 

"Ye-Ouch!" He yelped. River convulsed violently, a small trickle of blood dripped out of the corner of her mouth. "River!"

The Doctor pulled out his Sonic, and vreeped it at her, a bright green light shone all over her body, and she fell still, no longer hectically twisting.

"River, c'mon. Please be okay. Not you too. I need you." He whispered desperately in her ear. Her eyes flashed open, and she sat up quickly, forgetting the Doctor was there. The Doctor's face hit her chin. "ouch. River, I'm here."

"Sorry. Where's Alicia?" she looked at the Doctor urgently. But he could only grimace sadly at her. "No. No, please. Oh god, no!"

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