A Lost Song

The beginning of the very long journey of 150 years, starts with a tragic loss. (Alicia is said "Alisha")


2. Missed Phone-Call

The Doctor heard a ringing from the control room, he sighed again and walked out of Alicia's cot-room and into the Primary Control Room, Alicia staring intently up at him from his arms.

He picked up the phone, but on one said anything, he had been too late to pick it up.

"Shoot." He whispered irritably, placing the phone back on it's hook. "Alicia, I need to do some jobs. So you're going to be a good girl and wail reaaally loudly is someone tries to kidnap you." 

The Doctor gently skipped back into the cot-room and placed Alicia carefully into his own cot. He gazed down at her, a little of her face hidden by the mobile; a goofy smile on his face, he poked one of her small hands. She held onto it, pulling it closer to her.

"I'll be quick, no one will hurt you." He whispered lovingly, wiggling his finger with her tiny fingers still wrapped fondly around it. He pulled his finger away, her large green eyes followed his finger to her little foot that was raised in the air. He tickled it, but as babies (even Gallifreyan ones) don't react to tickling, she smiled his smile back at him. She looked a lot like he mother, even at her young age. Her eye's were the same shape, a shape that suited her nose perfectly. The only differences were her hair, which was a dark chocolatey brown and the colour of her eyes, these were of course the Doctor's characteristics.

"I love you, Alicia." Instead of saying this in English, he said it in his, now hers too, language. Gallifreyan. She smiled even more, becoming impossibly more cute.

He skipped out of the room, twirled a little with joy, and then got down to his 'chores' as River called them. She had said that if he didn't clean up the TARDIS, she would go through the Hard-Drive, deleting what she thought was unnecessary. The Doctor tutted as he climbed down the stairs and into the Secondary Control Room, in here he rummaged through a box filled with random junk, including: A wire he had extracted from River's Sonic Blaster (One of the Attempts set out to kill her.[It would have exploded on her]), a stick of lipstick left behind by Donna when she left and his Wibbly Wobbly, Timey Wimey thing. (It, of course, included much more. But if I was to list every piece junk, we'd have been 910.) 

He found what he was looking for a hopped back up the steps and skipped over to the Console. Before he started to clean however, he kissed the scanner and patted the side. 

"God, I love you."

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