Regretting You

I love you, Harry Styles. That's why I'm leaving. No matter how much I love you, I want you to know that. That isn't the only reason that I'm leaving. I'm pregnant. I couldn't ruin your career by staying, by letting a family tear up the band. I will never forget you, Harry, but you need to forget me. I'm gone. Don't try to find me. I love you.

Isabelle Curran


27. You are having a-

Isabelle sighed, staring at a magazine. She was on the front cover, kissing Harry, and everyone was calling her the mystery girl. Even though the picture had been taken three months before, she was still trending on twitter. Isabelle had even set up an account (@mystery_gurl_1), and had over four million followers. Also a couple of death threats, but it wasn't like they knew who she was.

She was in the hospital waiting room, and Harry was late. If he didn't get here soon, she'd have to go in without him to find out what the baby's gender was. She didn't want that. Ever since they had made up, he had treated her like she was a queen. They pretended that Harry was the father, and he was going to be the legal father on the baby's birth certificate.

She glanced out the window, and saw a van pull up, and a man in dark shades and a hoody get out. He walked in, and sat down next to her. It was Louis.

"Is Harry okay? Or is it Zayn? I know that his neck is still pretty bad." Isabelle gasped.

Louis just handed her a note. It was from Harry.

"Hey love.

Sorry if I'm late. Perrie needed help setting up the nursery, and I was the only one around. So sorry, but Louis will be there if I'm not. I will try to make it, and believe me, I really want to.

Love, Harry."

That was when Harry marched in, dressed like Louis, but when he sat down next to her, and kissed her quickly on the cheek.

"Hey. I see you got my letter." He smiled. They held hands, and Louis left.
"I'm just going to go help set up the nursery." He explained. Perrie and Isabelle had designed a five room nursery for the babies to share. Since Zayn's injury, One Direction had bought a house in Seattle, and planned to stay there for a while.

Harry picked up the magazine. He had agreed to let her announce that she was pregnant with his baby through mystery girl. Inside, there was a cheesy picture of an infant with Harry's head. He laughed, and showed it to Isabelle.

"Yeah, that is definitely what our baby will look like." She giggled, and then a nurse called out, "Isabelle Curran." Isabelle hopped to her feet, and Harry followed.

"Who's this?" The nurse asked.

"My baby's father."

"Wait, your the mystery girl?" She gasped.

Isabelle nodded, and Harry removed his hood.

"And if you spill this, we can make sure that you lose your job for sharing a patient's information." Harry put in. The nurse smiled, and led them to room 517. The nurse did some tests on Isabelle, and a couple minutes later, a doctor came in with an envelope.
"Well, congratulations, Miss Curran. You are having a--"

A/N- The contest is still on, because I haven't decided if it's a boy or girl, and there is still Perrie's baby. Thanks for reading, and like, favorite, and comment! :P

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