Regretting You

I love you, Harry Styles. That's why I'm leaving. No matter how much I love you, I want you to know that. That isn't the only reason that I'm leaving. I'm pregnant. I couldn't ruin your career by staying, by letting a family tear up the band. I will never forget you, Harry, but you need to forget me. I'm gone. Don't try to find me. I love you.

Isabelle Curran


10. Waking Up

Blinking, Harry sat up. He had no idea where he was, but then he turned around. There was a girl next to him. She was so beautiful. It was Isabelle. He still remembered how she had looked six years ago. But now she had a daughter; his daughter. Deja.

She wasn't wearing anything similar to the what she wore six years ago. Bulky pajama pants, and a concert t-shirt. Must've matured. Harry could barely remember the night before, but he knew that Niall had tried to hookup with Isabelle, and Harry had stopped that from happening.

"Good morning, love." He sighed as Isabelle sat up.

"Holy shit! What are you doing here, Harry?" She gasped. Harry just laughed.

"You invited me to spend the night."

"Actually, I'm pretty sure you invited yourself. Okay, so I have to go get Deja ready, and you are going back to your hotel, and are going to spend this day with the guys. I'll call you later, but I do have a job to do."

Harry sighed, and got up. He walked out into the living room, and was jumped by a small child.

"Daddy! Did you come back? Why were you in Mommy's bedroom. What about-" Deja gushed. Harry had to stop her so he could say something. "Sweetie, I-."

Suddenly the door swung open. Standing there was a muscular, blonde man who must've been over six feet tall. "Who the hell are you?" Harry gasped.

"I'm Brian, Isabelle's fiancé." The blonde guy said firmly.

A/N- Duh Duh Duh!!!!!!! Bet you didn't see that one coming! Sorry again for the short chapter, but more is coming soon, I promise. The contest is still on, so see chapter 8 for details. Like, favorite, and comment! :)

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