Regretting You

I love you, Harry Styles. That's why I'm leaving. No matter how much I love you, I want you to know that. That isn't the only reason that I'm leaving. I'm pregnant. I couldn't ruin your career by staying, by letting a family tear up the band. I will never forget you, Harry, but you need to forget me. I'm gone. Don't try to find me. I love you.

Isabelle Curran


3. Meet Your Daughter, Haz

Louis and Niall looked at each other, Liam wiggled his eyebrows, and Zayn smirked. Sabrina glanced to Niall in confusion. Harry just stared at Isabelle, and she stared back.

"Hey guys! I need to talk to Miss Curran for a moment. I guess you can just warm up a bit, yeah?" Harry asked. Nodding, Isabelle led Harry out of the room. He was as gorgeous as ever, if not, more.

Once they were in her office, Harry grabbed her neck, and kissed her as passionately as he had six years ago, but she didn't kiss him back. "Harry, stop." She pushed him away.

"What the hell, Izzy? I thought that you loved me? Why didn't you stay and talk to me, babe? I would've stayed with you, and we'd be parents right now, and-" Isabelle cut him off.
"I kept the baby." She whispered. Harry's eye's widened, and he muttered, "I'm a father."

"Would you like to meet your daughter, Haz?" Isabelle asked. He nodded enthusiastically, and followed her to the nursery, where Deja was in the middle of learning the alphabet.
"Deja, sweetheart, come here! Mommy has somebody that she wants you to meet," Deja stood on her short legs, and toddled over while Isabelle spoke, "This is Harry. He's your daddy." Seeing their hair side by side, Isabelle decided that Deja's was darker, closer to black than brown.

"Hello Daddy." Deja said in the sweetest voice that Isabelle had ever heard. Harry grabbed her, and hugged her.

"Hi, love." He kissed her cheek, and looked at her. "You're beautiful, just like your mom." He announced.

"Harry, we have to go. You do have a song to record," Isabelle whispered in Harry's ear, and added to Deja, "Love you, honey."

When they came back, Niall walked up. "What to you so long?" He stared at Isabelle; she had met Niall at the party, but he obviously didn't remember.

Harry laughed. "Oh, its nothing, don't worry. Just had a quick question."

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