Regretting You

I love you, Harry Styles. That's why I'm leaving. No matter how much I love you, I want you to know that. That isn't the only reason that I'm leaving. I'm pregnant. I couldn't ruin your career by staying, by letting a family tear up the band. I will never forget you, Harry, but you need to forget me. I'm gone. Don't try to find me. I love you.

Isabelle Curran


6. Flirting with Death

The boys were all ready all in their swim trunks when Isabelle walked out in a small bikini. Niall's eyes almost popped out, and Harry got that familiar smirk that she had fallen in love with when she was younger. Shaking her head, she had to stop thinking about him like that.

"Well, lets go!" She laughed. All five boys followed her, and Harry rushed ahead to open the door for her. She stepped in, and Zayn turned on the jets. Harry and Niall sat on either side of her, and Liam, Louis, and Zayn all just smirked at each other.

"So, Isabelle, what's it like to be a parent?" Zayn asked, "You're younger then us, right? 22?" Isabelle nodded.

"Being a parent is definitely different. You have to stop thinking about what you want, and think about what would be best for your kid, but it is so worth it! You should know, Zayn. You do have a son, right?" Zayn nodded.

"So, who's the father?" Harry asked. Shooting him a death look, Isabelle didn't respond. The others probably thought that he had offended her, since her story was that her boyfriend had walked out on her. The truth was that she had walked out on Harry.

"It's okay, Izzy." Niall put his arm around her, squeezing her shoulder. Harry looked pissed.

"Um, Niall? Sorry, but I'm not looking for a relationship right now. I'm still getting over a tough breakup." Isabelle lied easily. Niall didn't listen, and kissed her cheek. She tried to pull away from him, but he grabbed her wrist, and pulled her close to him.

"Niall. Let. Me. Go." She said as sternly as she could. His hand went around her waist, and pulled her on to his lap.

"Enough, Niall!" Harry shouted, punching his friend.

"I think I'm going to leave now." Isabelle muttered, staring at Niall's bleeding face.

"Wait! Don't leave just yet, Izzy," Harry said, "I need to talk to you before you leave."

Isabelle nodded, and went to put on her clothes. She heard Harry talking to Niall.

"Hey mate sorry I had to do that. She asked you to let her go, yeah? Why didn't you?" She didn't hear Niall's response.

Walking out, she went to get Deja. Just as they were leaving, Harry grabbed her shoulder.

"I need to talk to you. It's important." He announced, "Zayn can watch Deja, yeah?" I asked Zayn, who nodded.

Harry led Isabelle to an empty bedroom. "Okay, talk." She said.

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