Regretting You

I love you, Harry Styles. That's why I'm leaving. No matter how much I love you, I want you to know that. That isn't the only reason that I'm leaving. I'm pregnant. I couldn't ruin your career by staying, by letting a family tear up the band. I will never forget you, Harry, but you need to forget me. I'm gone. Don't try to find me. I love you.

Isabelle Curran


4. Coffee?

After One Direction left, Isabelle's phone plinked. Harry had texted her. Her cell number was on her business card. The text read "Hey love. Haz here. Wanna meet 4 coffee?"

She responded at once, "Sure! But only if Deja can come. I want her to get to know her father."

Harry: Of course. I love her already. Meet at the coffee shop by ur studio?

Isabelle: Yea, tht worx. @ 5?

Harry: Perfect! :)

Isabelle: C u soon! :P

It was four forty five. She went to get Deja, and told Margaret to close things down at nine, as usual. Then she took Deja's hand, and led her to the coffee shop.

"Why are we here, mommy?" Deja asked.

"To meet your daddy again, of course! Didn't you like him?" Deja nodded enthusiastically, and sat down.

"Can I have a cookie when Daddy gets here?" Deja asked. Laughing, Isabelle nodded, and they both waited for Harry. He showed up at four fifty eight. "Daddy!" Deja squealed, as she ran across the shop to hug him.

"Hey love. I'm gonna buy you a cookie, yeah?" That accent was to die for. Isabelle remembered why she fell for him in the first place, since she hadn't liked One Direction when they met. He was gorgeous, sweet, and an amazing person. But she couldn't feel like that now, for her own sake.

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