My Friend, The Rain

A short collection of poetry from when I dabbled in the art. Personally, I didn't believe that poetry and I go together, but feel free to tell me otherwise, if you'd like.


4. Time, In Terms of...

~Time in Silence~

I wither here quietly

Quietly waiting for the moment I can go

Go, and be free away from this dismal cell

Cells in my body die ever so slowly now

Now I wait for my dying day

Days pass by one after another endlessly

Endlessly moving onwards towards eternity



~Time in Human Terms~

Thus time ticks by so slowly today

Today is the present, yesterday the past

Past memories haunt us like the ethereal ones

Ones no longer bound by time free to come and go

Go and be free little one from this dismal hell

Hellfire is the one true thing that scares us

Us, humans, destined to travel

Traveling here, now and forever

Forever alone, forever together

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