My Friend, The Rain

A short collection of poetry from when I dabbled in the art. Personally, I didn't believe that poetry and I go together, but feel free to tell me otherwise, if you'd like.


6. The Black of my Mind

   An inky blackness has shrouded my mind

   So I find myself paralyzed, caught in a bind

   Who am I? Who was I? 

   Was I ever real? This is the answer that I seek,

   By and by though, the answer is lost to me

   Am I dead? No, for I would know, wouldn't I?

   Stuck in my mind, though I can break out, can't I?

   No, I'm slowly suffocating beneath the black,

   Nothing to hold me back, as I, begin to slowly crack

   The voices in my mind, grow louder and louder

   Forcing me to begin to send things asunder

   Finally unable to hold back I scream out in need

   Screaming and screaming until finally, I bleed

   "Give up, give in, let go of all of it"

   "I'll never give in, I'm to far to quit it"

   Spilling forth from my lips, it flows ,

   Blood, fresh from my throat, it goes

   Dripping onto my bed,

   Until I fall, feeling quite dead

   This is what haunts me, the insanity, it feeds

   Tearing away my mental health, the one thing I need

   That is the problem with me

   My pain fills it with glee

   And so I fight, pushing it to the back of my mind

   The 'black' of my mind, the scourge of all my kind...



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