My Friend, The Rain

A short collection of poetry from when I dabbled in the art. Personally, I didn't believe that poetry and I go together, but feel free to tell me otherwise, if you'd like.


1. My Friend, The Rain


I listen to the falling rain

Here on the inside I fill with shame

The shame now enflamed becomes pure pain

This monster of pain may never be tamed

They tried to keep it tame with these iron chains

But it ripped them apart leaving only blood stains


The water came in today and washed away those foul stains

The shadows adore the rain

For it sets them free of those binding chains

Unlike me the shadows don’t have shame

They don’t worry about being tamed

Hearing the rain, my god this infallible pain


I watch the rain from this dirty window pane

In the corner one notices a vile little stain

I notice my rats nest of hair and wonder can it be tamed

And so I’ll listen to these soft rains

Suddenly I cannot feel any shame

The pain of these chains no more show

The chains are broken now

Yet all aside the pain still remains

Still there is no more shame

But the vile stain still remains

I ponder my life whilst hearing the rain

Smiling for this shame is now tamed


Yes, the shame is tame

And I’m no longer bound by chains

So thank you, you free loving rain

Now all that’s left is the pain

Nothing else not even the stain

Thus I no longer am bound by shame


For I have tamed this shame

This shame is feigned for it has long since been tamed

The window is clean even the stain does not remain

I no longer hear those rattling chains

I am finally free from all forms of pain

So I watch this rain


From this clean window pane

This window now clean, even of the stain

So thank you my friend, my friend the rain


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