A Vision Of Love

Chloe was a daddy's girl. High Maintenance. Selfish. And frankly a spoiled brat. To her, looks were everything and nothing would ever change that. At least that's what she thought. One day all her friends turned on her and she didn't know why. Now she's the nerdy loser who sits alone.
Mason was the jock. The most popular guy in school. The secret nerd and the cool kid. A spoiled brat like Chloe. That was until a hypnotherapy session changed his life.


1. January



   The sun was setting in the distance and the horizon looked like an amazing paradise. My father could buy me anything I wanted but he couldn't buy me that moment of joy and freedom that I got whenever I looked at that horizon. The pinks and oranges merged perfectly like a little watercolour paint set in the rain. How I'd hate not to be able to enjoy this horizon...
    Maybe I can reinvent myself. It doesn't matter what I wear or what I do, no one seems to notice me. I could change that. 



     "C'mon! Come out with us!" The twins from next door yell. "We've not been out for ages."

     "Most people don't like a player ruining their fun." I simply say.

     "Without you there's no fun to be had!" Nikki says. According to Ash, her twin brother, she fancies me and has shrines of me in her room. Although I've no idea whether she does or not, I still try to avoid her. She's always trying to sit near me or steal me away from other people in the name of help. Nikki and Ash are a year older than me and Ash has become like a brother to me.

     "Fine. Where are we going?" I say.

     "Some new posh restaurant in town. Could be fun?"


     Ash hops over the gate and Nikki goes inside. "You may meet a girl there?" He says. 

     "They'll be like the others. They'll be like Nikki." I turn to look at him and put my hands up "No offence."

     "None taken - if you're insulting my sister then that's fine with me. Anyway, you may meet a girl who treats you right."

     "Maybe. I'm more worried about me treating them right."


4 hours later and I am in a position that I couldn't have predicted. Face to face with a gun ready to fire. The man holding it is clearly insane, spouting out incoherent speech as if everyone understands jibberish. Then I hear it fire and my world turns black. Cold and hard is how the ground feels against my shivering body. It takes me a second to realise that I've been hit and I don't know why. I came out here because I was looking for Ash and I found a gun wielding man. Shouting, screaming and sirens fill my ears and I pray for it to stop. For my hearing to become nothingness like my sight now has. But it doesn't and as the pain overwhelms me, I feel sick and the realisation that my life isn't going to be the same again is an unnerving one.

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