Looks Like He's In Another World

Zayn and Liam are having a little private time, and their 15 year old son can't help but overhear.


1. ...

As soon as the door was safely locked, Liam pushed Zayn against it, kissing him and nipping at the sensitive skin on his neck.

'I've waited all fucking week and now I'm gonna fuck you senseless.' He gasped.

Zayn lifted up his chin a little and started to kiss him, slowly...

'Zee..' He mumbled against his lips as the other boy smirked.

After a couple of minutes, and a lot of kissing, Zayn was knelt on the floor, sucking at Liam's dick.

His moans echoed around the room and Zayn's own causing vibrations on his dick, just increasing the sound of the moans.

'G-god Zaynnn.' Liam panted, and the darker haired lad looked up at him through his raven eyelashes. 'Zaynnnnn...' Liam moaned, and he recognised the voice.

Removing the throbbingly hard cock from his mouth he brought Liam over to the bed.

'C'mon then.' He said cheekily, Liam letting out another low moan just because of the look he was giving him.

He reached into the bedside drawer and pulled out a small bottle of lube and a condom, handing them to Liam, who slicked his fingers, one slowly entering Zayn.

This time it was Zayn's turn to moan, letting out a short breath as he said Liam.

Liam eventually added another finger, scissoring him, stretching him wider.

'Liam pleaseee...' Zayn said softly and Liam removed his fingers, rolled on the condom and put some lube on his cock.

Positioning himself at Zayn's entrance, he slowly pushed in, the other boy hissing slightly and Liam moaning.

As soon as he was completely buried inside him, he started to move, thrusting slowly as Zayn writhed in pleasure.

'Oh god...' Zayn muttered as Liam let out a rather loud moan.

Alex wrapped a blanket around his head, adding to the two pillows covering his ears.

All he could hear were fucking moans - pun intended - and it was kinda creepy. I mean they were his parents! He didn't exactly want to hear how amazing the other was at giving head or whatever the hell they were doing.

He rolled himself up in his duvet, trying to block out the sounds when he had an idea.

Grabbing his iPod, Alex stuffed the earphones in his ears, fumbling a little when it came to the left one, and repositioned the pillows and blanket around his ears.

He pressed play, letting the sound of his favourite song at the moment drown out the noises from the room next door.....

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