Car Ride

Zayn and Liam need to get home, but Liam's impatient..


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‘Zaynnnnnn, how long ‘til we’re hooooomeee?’ Liam whines from the passenger seat.

‘Not too long babe, should be ten minutes.’ Zayn shoots his boyfriend a quick smile before turning his attention back to the road.

‘Ten minutes is too long.’ Liam states.

‘Well tough.’ Zayn chuckles and Liam shifts so he can be closer to him.

‘I don’t wanna wait that long.’ He whispers in Zayn’s ear, Liam’s breath tickling his neck. He feels Liam’s hand slide up his leg and Zayn holds back a gasp.

‘Liaaammm...’ Zayn warns but he’s ignored.

Liam’s hand reaches Zayn’s crotch and he slowly unzips his pants.

‘Liam I’m trying to concentrate.’ Zayn’s firm tone wavers as he feels Liam’s hand rub over his now hard cock.

Zayn stifles a moan as he tries to concentrate on the road.

Liam’s hand slips into his boxers and he lets out the moan he was holding back.

‘Liaaam...’ Zayn whimpers and Liam just smiles at him, looking so innocent but not being able to hide the dark glint in those big eyes of his.

Liam’s hand grasps around Zayn’s cock and he pulls over to the side of the road, more dangerously than he would under normal circumstances.

Liam starts to move his hand up and down Zayn’s cock roughly and he moves his hips up in time to the rhythm of Liam’s expert hands.

It continues for a minute or two until Liam pulls his hand out of Zayn’s boxers. Zayn looks at him pleadingly but Liam ignores him. Instead he starts to tug down Zayn’s pants and boxers and before he knows it Liam’s mouth is above his cock.

‘Please...’ Zayn moans and Liam’s head bobs down and takes in Zayn’s entire cock.

Zayn bucks his hips up, desperately wanting to fuck Liam’s mouth. Liam moans, the vibrations driving Zayn into a whimpering mess.

Zayn feels the familiar heat pool in his stomach and he whispers a small Liam to warn Liam.

Liam takes Zayn’s length out of his mouth seconds before Zayn comes, with a moan of his name, all over Liam’s face.

Liam licks his lips and smirks up at a heavily breathing Zayn.

‘We better get home shouldn’t we?’ He chuckles.

‘Yeah.’ Zayn gasps before pulling his boxers and pants back up.

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