He quickly clicks his laptop and the other moans coming from it stop.
'Oh hey Zayn.' He smiles as if he's not just had Zayn walked in on him.
'Sorry...' Zayn mutters and turns around, 'I should go shouldn't I?'
Reaching for the doorknob a hand stops him.


1. ...

Zayn pushes the key into the lock and opens up the door to his and Harry's small flat.
'Haz?' he calls out but gets no response. Thinking he might be out he walks into his room, right next door to Harry's.
He hears a noise.
Putting his ear up against the wall he hears it again but louder.
Was it a moan? 
He'd heard Harry jacking himself off before - how could he not have? Living in a tiny flat with thin walls. He hadn't thought much of it. - And he could tell it wasn't him.
Another moan, this time Harry's...
The first moan had sounded male; was he at it with some guy? Usually Harry would call beforehand to warn Zayn maybe to stay out a little bit.
Harry might be openly gay but straight as a stick, Zayn had always been uncomfortable hearing him with some other guy. Besides, before Harry had started calling ahead to tell him he had once walked in on him bent over on the sofa and with some guy fucking him.
Zayn moves away from the wall and goes to Harry's door.
'Haz you in there?' He asks, louder than he had before. 
No reply.
Not sure what to do, Zayn slowly opens the door.
Harry was there all right.
He was sitting on his bed pleasuring himself and a laptop in front of him.
Harry continued to move his hand over his cock, his moans loud, still not noticing Zayn.
'Harry?' Zayn asks, blushing as red as a tomato.
Harry looks up and his hand stops moving.
He quickly clicks his laptop and the other moans coming from it stop.
'Oh hey Zayn.' He smiles as if he's not just had Zayn walked in on him.
'Sorry...' Zayn mutters and turns around, 'I should go shouldn't I?' 
Reaching for the doorknob a hand stops him.
'It's okay Zayn, you can always watch if you want...' Harry whispers in his ear, voice raspy.
'No it's okay I better stuuu-' He's cut off with an intake of breath when a hand slides onto his crotch.
'You're hard babe.' Harry chuckles into his ear.
Zayn squeezes his eyes shut, willing the bulge in his pants to disappear.
Harry rubs his cock through the material of his clothes and Zayn lets out a low moan.
'Harry...' Zayn groans a half-hearted warning but Harry continues to rub slowly.
'You want me, don't you babe?' He whispers and Zayn shivers at the feeling of Harry's warm breathe tickling at his neck.
Harry presses up against Zayn so he can feel Harry's cock, through his pants, against the back of his leg.
'Harry...' This time Zayn says it as less of a warning, and more as permission.
'Knew it...' He hears Harry chuckles low in his ear.
Harry's hand moves up a little and then plunges into Zayn's boxers.
Harry's warm touch up against Zayn's cock makes him let out a small moan.
'I always knew you would be loud... Let's see how loud you'll be when you're inside me, balls deep.' The sound of Harry's rough, yet smooth as silk, voice would probably be enough to make Zayn come, how perfect would it be to be inside him?
Zayn's thoughts are interrupted as Harry's hands rubbing against his cock.
He lets out another moan, a lot louder than the previous, and he can almost feel Harry grinning from behind him.
Zayn unbuttons his pants and they slip now his legs.
Zayn pulls his shirt off from over his head.
Harry's hands stop moving then he takes them out of Zayn's boxers, seconds before hooking his fingers on the waistband.
Zayn gasps a little as Harry slowly starts to pull them down.
As they're pulled fully down Zayn's cock slaps onto his stomach.
Harry's fingers wrap around the base and start to move.
'Harryy....' Zayn moans and he smirks.
Harry stops for a second and pulls Zayn towards his bed.
What they were doing and what they were about to do hit Zayn like a bullet.
He couldn't do this. He was straight!
Maybe it could just be classed as a favour. Harry doing his sexually frustrated - and to be honest, Zayn really was - friend a little favour.
Harry tugs on his hand and they fall down onto the bed together, face to face.
Harry looks up at him and reads his face.
'Babe, just go with it.' He looks up at him sincerely and Zayn nods.
Harry reaches a hand out and grabs a bottle of lube that was already on the bedside table. 
Zayn squirts some onto his fingers and then puts it to the side.
He'd done anal with girls before but was it going to be the same with a guy?
Hopefully it would be the same sort of thing.
Zayn slowly slides a finger into Harry and he moans.
He marvels at how tight he is and wonders how on earth he'll ever fit his cock inside him.
'More' Harry gasps from below him. 
He slowly adds another finger and slightly brushes his prostate, earning a pleasured moan from Harry.
He starts to scissor him with his fingers, stretching him wider, but Harry still begs for more.
He adds yet another finger and continues to move the around inside Harry.
Harry continues to moan and asks for more.
Zayn pulls out his fingers then slips a condom Harry swiftly passes him on. He grabs the lube bottle again and starts to put it generously on his cock.
'You ready?' He mutters and Harry nods.
He slowly pushes himself in.
Harry and Zayn moan in unison as he completely buries himself inside Harry.
'Please... Move...' Harry gasps and Zayn nods.
He starts to pull out only to go straight back in.
His hands move to Harry's hips and guide them in time with his thrusts as they both moan.
He continues to thrust, hitting Harry's prostate with every one.
A pool of heat starts to gather in his stomach and he knows he's so close.
'Zaynnn...' Harry moans and he can see Harry is too.
He continues to thrust and suddenly Harry comes all over their stomachs.
At the sight of Harry coming he also comes and continues to thrust through their orgasms.
When they come down from their highs Zayn pulls out and takes off the condom, chucking it into the bin across the other side of the room.
He then turns back to Harry.
'That was amazing...' Zayn pants.
'Yeah... It was, I'm gonna need some help cleaning off though...' Harry says raising his eyebrow.
Zayn smirks before moving his head down to his stomach and licking off some of the come.
It tastes salty in his mouth, it tastes of Harry.
Harry smiles.
‘I love you by the way.’ He says and Zayn looks at him with confusion.
‘What?’ He asks. It strikes him that what he had just done with Harry isn’t something a straight guy would do. Maybe if they were drunk, but he knew he was completely sober.
‘I said I love you idiot.’ Harry chuckles and gives Zayn a cheeky grin.
‘Really?’ Zayn asks, smiling a little. Harry just nods. ‘Good because I love you too.’
Harry smiles wider and then leans in to kiss Zayn. Not a wild kiss, not a lustful or seductive kiss... Zayn and Harry’s first kiss...

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