I'll Make You Confess

Louis Tomlinson is the best DI in the business.
While others sit in a cold dark room, asking questions, he has his own methods...


1. ...

I sit still, before the metal door opens and a young man comes in. 

His brunet hair and blue eyes looked out of place in this room of grey.

'Hey Harry.' He says, as he would if I were his friend. I am not his friend.

I sit still, in silence and he frowns a little.

'Not talking huh, mate?.' He says, changing his frown back to the smile he wore as he entered this room.

'I'm not your mate.' I say harshly.

I sit still, watching his expression.

'Alrighty then.' He says, still chipper as before.

I roll my eyes, wondering how one can be so cheerful in such a gloomy place.

I sit still, and then I shrug.

'So then, apparently you stabbed a little old lady.' He says, looking directly at me, yet not accusingly.

'Where'd you hear that mister?' I say, smirking challengingly.

I sit still, and he grins at me.

'Well, from a witness, a few witnesses actually.' He says, continuing to grin.

'I didn't do it if you were wondering.' I say, continuing to smirk.

I sit still, and he tuts.

'It's four people's word against your own, Haz.' He says, I stop smirking and glare at him for using my nickname.

'Yeah but where's your evidence? I assume the lady is dead by the sounds of things?' I say, raising an eyebrow.

I sit still, and he nods.

'Yeah, the poor woman is dead. And it's been confirmed she was stabbed.' He says, I nod.

'And you think I did it?' I say, crossing my arms.

I sit still, and he nods.

'Yeah, sorry Haz.' He says, genuinely looking sorry.

'But do you know?' I say, raising an eyebrow yet again.

I sit still, and he shrugs.

'I dunno. That's why I'm here.' He says, I nod.

'So, you're here to get the ''truth'' out of me, eh?' I say, he nods.

I sit still, and I smirk.

'Well what are you gonna do to get it out of me then?' I say, he shrugs.

'I've got something in mind, only if you're fine with it though...' He says, I'm confused.

I sit still, and he smirks.

'What's that then?' I say, he comes closer towards me.

'You'll see.' He says, and gestures for me to get up.

I stand up, and he smiles.

'I don't like guessing games.' I say, he comes even closer.

'Neither do I...' He says, before closing the gap between our lips.

We stand there, kissing.

'I'll make you confess.' He says, when pulling away for air.

'No you won't.' I say, rejoining our lips.

We stand there, kissing and holding eachother close.

He fumbles to unbutton my jeans, our lips not parting.

I squeeze his arse, smirking against his lips when he makes a surprised whimper.

We stand there, kissing.

He pushes down my jeans and cups the visible buldge in my boxers.

I moan, our tongues tangling obscenely.

We stand there, a passionate mess.

He hooks his fingers on the elastic of my boxers, tugging them down.

I pull away and gasp a little.

He kneels there, mouth in front of my cock.

He grips the base and flicks his tongue over the head.

I moan and he looks up, innocently.

I stand there, a gasping mess.

He takes me in his mouth, hollowing his cheeks.

'Oh!' I say, my knees weak.

He kneels there, head bobbing up and down on my cock.

He twists his hand around the base and pulls away, only to swirl his tongue around the head.

'Oh god...' I whimper, using the chair to hold myself up.

I stand there, moaning in pleasure.

He spits on his finger a little then pushes into my hole, still sucking my cock.

I feel myself on the edge and the way his finger brushes against my prostate pushes me over.

'I-I-I did it okay?' I practically shout as I climax.

He kneels there, taking my come in his mouth.

He pulls off, licking his lips and I pull up my boxers, then my trousers.

I lean up against a wall, gasping as he walks towards the door.

I stand there, and he looks back at me.

'I'm Louis by the way, Louis Tomlinson.'

He nods before leaving the room.

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