It Is Life and You Are Mine

So I decided to take a little bit of a spin on 'water, water, everywhere'. See, this poem isn't about water but you'll have to find the water in it , which I assure you is everywhere this pair go, yourself :)


1. It Is Life and You Are Mine

Their eyes meet and he takes her hand 
Words ramble out, entwining in a muddle 
Her fingers twiddle with her long hair strands
They start to walk , splashing in the puddles

Across the lake skids a little wooden boat
Gasps as droplets prick their skin with each splash
To warm her up her shoulders now lays his coat
In the grim sky out bangs a lightning flash

Rain starts to  perch on the hedges
They slide  down the cobblestones  
Out pops the umbrella; the drops trickle off the edges
She breathes in his pungent , citrus cologne

They walk to the tea room across the canal 
Boiled water steams into clanking china cups
They sit down,  brimming with more stories to tell 
Laughs ring out across the table as they drank up

Now they stand outside, underneath the stars  
She chokes out a sob, tears falling from her eyes
Before his shaky hands  reach for the  car
He  whispers , "I promise this isn't our last goodbye."

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